JoJo | For Your BoBo Clothing 2010 Riders

March 2, 2010 4:49pm | by:
Dallas, TX. -  JoJo Clothing is excited to announce their 2010 riders. In
amateurs, JoJo will be the official clothing sponsor of the 2010 Rockstar
Suzuki Amateur Team. Along with the riders on their, we will also have a
number of riders in the amateurs and pro ranks.

A Class – Lance Vincent, Zeb Smith, Ian Trettel

B Class – Matt Bisceglia, Landon Currier, Jeremy Martin

Kyle Regal, Sean Hackley Jr.

About JoJo: JoJo was created in 1992 and popularized baggy, neon printed
cotton pants. It advertised:  “Bored with wearing ordinary blue jeans and
t-shirts?  Are you in need of something new, something bright, something
wild?  JoJo pit pants are different, comfortable, and stylish.”
sponsored many top motocross racers: Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky
and more. JoJo t-shirts and baggy pants were distributed
nationwide through Tucker Rocky. After the baggy pant craze ran its
course, the line was discontinued.

JoJo was resurrected in January 2009 by JoJo founder’s teenage son. With
a fresh vision and a dream of putting art onto clothes, JoJo’s began again
to create new and different clothing concepts. Its young designers create
fun, creative and original designs.

Jo Jo’s will be set up at many of the top amateur mx nationals this year
next to Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team, and a number of concerts and other
events. Follow JoJo at and