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February 26, 2010 11:30am | by:


I was watching the Winter Olympics and they were showing Skier Cross. The announcer said, “If you have never seen Skier Cross it is like NASCAR on skis.”  WTF! I don't think I have seen jumps on a NASCAR track. It is motocross on skis. Why can't the mainstream media give motocross even a little credit?


That player is Valerie Bure, Pavel's little brother. And its Candace Cameron from Full House whom he married (who was fat but is now hot) who happens to be Kirk Cameron's little sister. He was on Growing Pains with Leonardo DiCaprio, who is not Canadian, but Alan Thicke who played the dad, and wrote the theme song to the show, is Canadian. Braaap on, little guy, and good luck this season with the team !


  • It's better than Spencer Pratt

Thanks for the super-Canadian update. Hey, sorry about beating the back-bacon-eating pants off your guys in hockey in the Olympics. That must suck.