Racer X Injury Report

February 25, 2010 2:55pm
Ronnie Goodwin - Ankle
Comment: Per the Red Seven Ride Co. PR: “You may have noticed a DNS during the live telecast Saturday night from the Monster Energy Supercross for Indianapolis: Ronnie made his 450 SX debut in Indianapolis last weekend and was riding really strong when he made a sudden line change in the table, table section to avoid a slower rider and had to let loose of his bike landing on his feet. The Asterisk Medical crew's did a great job attending to Ronnie at trackside and throughout the evening. After coming home to Las Vegas, Dr. Crovetti indicated that it was a broken Talus and surgery is still a possibility. We hope to see Ronnie back in action by Houston but these injuries are delicate and take time to heal.”

Brett Metcalfe - Ankle
Comment: Sat out the Lites West because of an injury to his lower leg, and he re-aggravated the injury when he cased a triple in Indianapolis. He rode once this week, though, and should be good for Atlanta.

Max Anstie – Hip
Comment: Fractured hip at Anaheim 3 and will be out for eight weeks.

Tyla Rattray – Shoulder blade
Comment: The following was posted on his website prior to the Indy SX: “Last week I was out practicing and had a fall, hurting my shoulder. At first I thought it was just some bruising, but after some X-rays and an MRI scan, the doctors found a crack in my scapula. The good news out of all this is I don't need surgery. The doctor said that because the crack was not displaced and because that particular bone is surrounded by so much muscle, it should not be that serious. He basically said that I can get back on the bike whenever I have no more pain. He guessed it would be around four weeks, but was not sure; it could even be sooner! So as soon as I'm healed up 100 percent I will be back and I know I will be back strong.”

Josh Clark - Back
Comment: From Chris O’Neal: “Josh cased a triple on the first lap of the second heat in Anaheim and ended up with two broken vertebrae in his back, but has full movement. He underwent surgery and will be fine. His family flew out to be with him and they are currently driving him back to Connecticut now. He's in a lot of pain, but says it's not that bad. On a positive note, he is optimistic about his return and counting down the days when he can ride again. He will be 100 percent when the nationals start and plans to ride 450s.”

Chris Whitcraft – Back
Comment: From Willy Browning: “They fused three up and three down from t6. The core was not harmed and they relieved pressure from the core when they did the surgery. He still can’t pick his legs up, but he has feeling and can tell you where and what you are touching on his feet and legs. The doctors are impressed with the amount of movement from yesterday to today, and I think they are fitting him for a back brace ASAP. So, things are looking really good, but at the same time there is still a lot to be gained.”

Bobby Bonds: Collarbone
Comment: Per his press release: “Broke the bone in two spots, but there was no misalignment or overlapping of the collarbone. He will spend the next three to four weeks healing up and should be able to get back on the bike at that time.”

Andrew Short – Leg
Comment: From the official Honda press release: “Short has sustained a lower leg injury, which is expected to sideline him for approximately six weeks.” You can stay current with Andrew on his website: andrewshort.com.

Ben Evans – Shoulder
Comment: The BTOSports.com/BBMX/Palmetto Suzuki rider is out till Seattle.

Tommy Searle – Right shoulder
Comment: Tommy will make his return after the break in the series at Seattle in April.

James Stewart – Wrist
Comment: His return to the race track will depend on how quickly he is able to recover post-surgery and will be evaluated and determined on a weekly basis.

Chad Reed – Hand
Comment: Says, “The goal, in a perfect world, is to make Daytona.”

Josh Grant – Shoulder
Comment: From JGRMX’s David Evans: “So far things are going as expected with Josh. It will still be a few weeks before he is cleared to ride, and then a little while before he is ready to race again. We want Josh returning fully healed and ready, rather than rushing back and jeopardizing his chances for an AMA Motocross title.”

Topher Ingalls – Ankle
Comment: According to his website, Ingalls suffered a broken ankle in the second qualifying practice at Anaheim 1 and underwent surgery and had a plate and screws inserted to aid in recovery. No word on when he’ll return.

Christian Craig – Broken Back
Comment: Currently has rods in his back and won’t be back on a bike for well over a year.

Matt Goerke – Broken Right Leg
Comment: Goerke will start light riding in four weeks. The team will then determine a week or so after that when his estimated return to racing will be.

Matt Moss – Wrist
Comment: Doubtful that he'll make any supercross events.

Teddy Maier - Leg
Comment: Teddy broke his tib/fib while training at MTF. It actually bent the rod in his leg from a injury last year. He’s working hard to get healed up and is planning on being ready for east coast supercross.

Daniel Blair - Knee
Comment: Out with two torn ACLs. Will not return for supercross in 2010.

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