250 Words: Anaheim 3

February 17, 2010 1:59pm
  • Keep your eyes on Phil Nicoletti.
In a world of flashy pit displays and eighteen-wheeled transports, St. Lawrence Radiology/Alessi Racing’s Phil Nicoletti is proof that lavish funding and massive pit presences aren’t the secret to solid results. Pitting out of a van, the KTM-mounted rider has been steadily improving all season, culminating at A3 with a hard-fought career high of sixth place.

Nicoletti’s night began with a near-visit to the LCQ. On the last lap of his heat race, he was sitting two positions away from transferring but battled hard and managed to pass two riders with just half a lap remaining. In the main, with one lap down, the New Yorker found himself in sixteenth and started picking off riders. By lap ten, he had passed into sixth. He would stay there for the remainder of the race, despite heavy pressure from Travis Baker and Jake Weimer on the last lap.

“Coming into the season, I wanted to be seventh through twelfth, and I’ve been conquering that pretty good,” said Nicoletti, who finished seventh in San Diego. “I want to be able to step it up now and try and be in the top six in the next couple.”

A mere seven days after setting it, Nicoletti had reached his goal. In a racing scene dominated by high-dollar programs, such a successful grassroots effort is refreshing. When the Lites season returns to the West Coast, keep your eye on Nicoletti.