Fuel TV Debuts New MX Documentary Series Tomorrow

February 16, 2010 10:50am
Series premieres tomorrow 8:00pm ET/PT

LOS ANGELES, CA - FUEL TV, the only network dedicated to the lifestyle of action sports, is proud to announce an exciting new motocross show “The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” presented by Lucas Oil, premiering on Wednesday, February 17, at 8:00pm ET/PT. The six-part series is produced and directed by the award-winning motocross filmmaker Troy Adamitis, Shot in high definition, “The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” provides an in-depth look into the lives of top motocross racers.

The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” follows Ryan Villopoto, Mike Alessi, Josh Grant, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, Andrew Short and others as they come together for the grueling 12-race AMA Outdoor Motocross Championship Series to battle the heat, the tracks, and each other. Some come cocky, others come humble. Some bring family, while others bring their entourage. They’re determined. They’re dedicated. They know that there’s only one winner in the most demanding action sport in the world. The Champion will be the racer with the most intensity, consistency, and desire … in an arena where boys become warriors.

The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” reveals the often-times hidden lives of motocross professionals; from the planet’s top riders, to upcoming rookies, to the trainers and mechanics who hold them up, to the families and friends that serve as their foundation. The show follows their nomadic journey on the road, on the track, under the tent, and in all weather to uncover the lives of men who compete for a living; hostile rivalries, brutal tracks, and a constant goal of mastering their body’s limitations. In this world, everything comes second to The Moto.

“The level of story telling and production value is outstanding in this new series,” says Shon Tomlin, FUEL TV SVP of Programming and Marketing, and the series’ Executive Producer. “Troy and his team have painstakingly extracted the heart and soul of motocross and translated into a rich set of stories that encompass dedication, glory, and sometimes tragedy. You can’t watch an episode without being left with a feeling of utmost respect for these athletes and their families.”

“We’ve been making motocross films for years,” says “The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” Director Troy Adamitis. “But this is the first time we’ve been able to do a TV series. This allowed us to tell more stories than we do in our films, build more drama, and do more of what we like doing. Our team includes some of the most respected production crew in motocross including Dave Dawes, Brian Alexander, and Mahira Amir Khan. We’re very thankful that FUEL TV has given us this opportunity!”

Adamitis, the director of more than 20 motocross films including the famed “The Great Outdoors” series of documentaries, has long been hailed as the leading filmmaker in the sport of motocross. Adamitis’ productions are known for their amazing cinematography, authenticity, and compelling story-telling techniques that transcend typical action sport films. He has also created cult classics such as “Wrathchild,” “Frezno Smooth” and “ChainSmoke.”

Original episodes of “The Moto: Inside The Outdoors” presented by Lucas Oil, premiere on FUEL TV on Wednesday nights starting February 17, 2010 at 8:00pm ET/PT and re-air several times throughout the week. They will also be available for download from iTunes, and can be watched on www.fuel.tv and www.hulu.com.

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