Max Anstie Injury Update

February 15, 2010 12:00pm

Star Racing's Max Anstie crashed in his heat race at Anaheim III this past weekend and injured his hip. We got updated on his condition from Star Racing's team coordinator Donovan Mitchell:

"Max originally was thought to have a badly broken hip and needed surgery today. But, Sunday, after more X-rays by a specialist, they have it diagnosed as a fractured hip. No surgery is needed as of now, and today he is set to see what happens after he puts weight on it. After that, more X-rays will assess if surgery is needed. However, the thinking is it won’t be needed and maybe a recovery time of eight weeks will be sufficient. The doctor today said he could be leaving on Tuesday. He’s in really good spirits. He finds the bright things in everything. He says this little deal just makes him all the more tougher, and gives him more confidence in the long run by everything not coming easy. As always, Max wants to get working hard, and really appreciates his sponsors and fans."

Max Anstie is out with a fractured hip.
photo: Steve Cox