Thursday Rev Up

February 4, 2010 7:00pm | by:
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. For years, motocross journalists and fans alike have complained about the predictability of our sport. This was with good reason. From 1993 right up until January 9, 2010 you could pretty much call out a race before the gate dropped. In supercross, Jeremy McGrath was going to flow his way to win after effortless win, and in outdoor motocross Ricky Carmichael was going to kick a damn mud hole in everyone. If you bust out your calculator you can find out the exact percentage, but its a safe call to place the win percentage of the alpha male to be above 80% once he hit his stride. For years, we've watched domination. For years, we've seen riders rattle off nine and 10 win seasons. It was just kind of the way the sport went. Somebody would find the formula and they would rule with an iron fist. McGrath, Carmichael, and Stewart dominated supercross and outdoor motocross like no riders in history. That isn't happening any more folks. We really don't have a clue what's going to happen now, and isn't it sweet? The crystal ball has a crack in it, doctor. People were already fitting a crown for Dungey when he grabbed a big handful of E.F.I. induced Whiskey Throttle and carted huge halfway through the main event. Fuel injection has brought Whiskey Throttle to new levels. Ask Dan Reardon and RD5. I had a hunch the soft track would bite someone, so I wasn't that surprised. But, I was literally jumping up and down as I followed @racerxonline's tweets (!

  • Suzuki has never won the main class at San Diego. Could Ryan Dungey be the one to pull it off?
  • Ryan Villopoto took his first win of 2010 last weekend. What about San Diego?
  • Josh Hill says he still hasn't ridden to his potential. Can he this weekend?
What a season so far! I love this time a year anyways. Everyone has cabin fever from the winter and people are aching for Spring to come. Plus, college hoops are in full swing and as I watched unranked Colorado pull ahead of my beloved Kansas Jayhawks with 2:00 to go last night I had a thought. Every game is gnarly in NCAA D1 hoops because every team plays up for a rivalry, or a highly ranked team. Colorado always plays tough at home because they're used to the altitude. Pittsburgh and West Virginia played yesterday and no matter what their ranking, they go to war each time. I think this year's supercross series mirrors a little of that. It's not a rider with a huge advantage in talent bashing everyone. Guys are steeping it up and riding beyond what they thought was their limit. Josh Hill and Ryan Villopoto were throwing down huge and I watched both riders grow from it. Hill's stubbornness lit a fire under RV that we may see carry through the rest of the series. But, what was cool was that Hill didn't lay down when RV Park passed him. #75 put his balls on the gas tank and went back after him. We are going to see some awesome racing between #5, #2, and #75 in the months (perhaps years) to come.

Huge weekend coming up folks. This guy's jacked up! Insane college hoops (#1 KU vs #10 Texas), The 2010 NASCAR season begins with the Bud Shootout Saturday night, Danica Patrick races a stock car for the first time Saturday afternoon in the ARCA race. Guess who will be drafting with her hot ass? The GOAT! Then bring me San Diego SX madness, and Superbowl Sunday for the hangover!

  • Jake Weimer is three for four so far in 2010.
  • Trey Canard finally pulled through for his first win of the season at San Fran. What about SD?
What are we going to be commenting about at the conclusion of this weekend? Its great looking at an upcoming race and saying, "Wow, I have no clue who is going to win or what is going to happen!" Ryan Villopoto rode last week like we all thought he was going to ride at A1. Before you jump on his wagon, remember RD5 was checking out before being whiskey-stricken. How sore are #5's ankles? Looked pretty jarring to me, man! A stat did jump out to me on the SX Notes PR was that Suzuki has never won SD. As crazy as it has been this year, how about a guy like Kevin Windham getting a holeshot and winning one for the +30 brigade? What about One Industries' Ivan Tedesco putting one together, then riding by the Honda truck with a tip of the visor? Josh Hill has finished 2nd, two times in a row. He's hungry. Andrew Short...wait, no, he'll get 5th. Seems like he always gets 5th. Which is good. His teammate, Millsaps is charging though.

The 250 class could get really interesting. Ice Trey has nothing to lose and if he can bang out two more wins before their 64 day break (yes, you read that right), he might have something to say about this title. If Wil Hahn or Josh Hansen get the holeshot, they definitely have a chance. Weimer is still looking really good, but he has to stay clean to win one of the ultra quick divisional titles. Big, big weekend folks! Let's get it up!

Thanks for reading, see you next week.