Outlaw Racing "ACE" Handlebar Promotion Program

February 1, 2010 1:18pm
St. Petersburg, FL - Outlaw Racing Products wants you to not only rock the best handlebars in the industry right now, but we also want to pay you for your efforts! Here's how it works... For every photo you send us showing you using the ACE bars in one of the national magazine publications listed below you will receive a coupon code for $75.00 towards merchandise. We will also give you $25.00 towards merchandise for each local publication picture. To be eligible you must be able to clearly see the Outlaw brand on the bars in the photo. Mail the complete page that your photo appears in to address below (be sure to include your name, address and e-mail address). We need to be able to see the name of the publication you are in, so if it is not printed on the page with your photo please send the complete publication. Please send submissions to:
Outlaw Racing Products
ATTN: Handlebar Promotion
3901 48th AVE N
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
About the Outlaw Racing "ACE" Handlebars-
The Outlaw Racing "ACE" Handlebars has been one year in the works, with many re-designs and samples. They are made of the top grade 7075-T6 Aluminum, and available in standard 7/8 or oversized 1 1/8 size. We offer 7 different bends and 7 different colored bar pads. All bets are on the Outlaw Racing "ACE" Handlebars and remember...ACE never folds!

Approved National Publications:

AMA, ATV Action, ATV Rider, Canadian Motocross, Cycle news, Dirt Rider, Dirt Wheels, Dirt Bike,
Motocross Action, Motoplayground, MXP, Racer X, The Pickle, Transworld MX