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January 29, 2010 9:52am | by:
  • Jason Ellis
I don’t think what Jason Ellis said at Anaheim II was nice. (Regarding that James Stewart is bad for the sport.) Especially if he got the opportunity to come to the U.S.A. to live out a dream. I’m really mad and back Mike Metzger all the way with what he said, that Jason Ellis should go back to Australia.

Dear ?,
To be honest, I had no idea who Jason Ellis was. I Googled his name and found that he is a talk show host that likes to skate and fight. He’s an Aussie, so it doesn’t surprise me that he had Reed’s back in the whole Phoenix debacle. But it was definitely out of line for him to go out of his way to insult James Stewart. I don’t care whose fault it was or which rider did what right or wrong; that whole rant he went on in the Knothole Club was dumb. And I have to admit I smiled when Metz set him straight and called him a “Dick Jockey” from the podium during the freestyle introduction. You can’t script this stuff, folks. I love the fact that people are passionate about their favorite riders; that’s the way it should be. But don’t be an ass and completely disrespect the competition. It’s bad form and it makes our sport look small time and petty. If Jason Ellis wants to keep that ignorant chin music up then he should just skip right to professional wrestling and stay out of the motocross pits.

Dear Ping,
I think we live in a fake world, and everybody (including you) needs to react now before it's too late. I know well too much about it, because I'm French (legal immigrant). I'm the real deal, not some kind of fake French Canadian! Look around us: fake Rolex watches, fake dirt bikes (mainly Chinese), fake boobs ... the list goes on. I believe that every case should be fully prosecuted in a court of law (except for the boobs, those are fine!). But the worst is fake numbers! I remember when Zach Osborne won the Turkish GP, he said in a Racer X interview that he was the real #338 ... he was so right, look what happened to J-law: he spent six months in a county jail for running a counterfeit number (this must be the reason for his sentence, right?). I know in your heart that you agree with me even though it might be hard for you to admit that a French guy is right. So, swallow your pride for a minute and fight with me for the right cause. My question to you Mr. real #101 is: will you use your mighty power as team manager to make your employee Ben Townley finally abide by the law and pick up another number for the 2010 outdoor nationals?
Michel Journet (aka MX101)
Somerset, NJ

Dear Michel,
Take it easy, Pepe le Pew. There’s a whole lotta’ exclamation points and whatnot going on in that paragraph and you need to settle down a bit. Sure, there’s some fake stuff going on. But I’ll guarantee you that you have cologne on right now. You don’t smell that good! You’re a faker too! I’ll admit that it’s a struggle for me to agree with a French guy, mostly because I don’t trust anybody that kisses other dudes in their casual greeting. What’s going on with that? But I think you have a pretty good point here. Riders take a very particular pride in their numbers and as such there should be some type of system to determine who gets what number. For instance, I have had the number 101 longer than Ben, so if it came down to it, the number is mine. If you wanted to challenge me for the number I would say that we go into a Jeopardy match with the following categories available: Common Deodorants for $200, Dental Hygiene for $400, Persevering in Battle for $600, and Health Benefits of Being a Non-Smoker for $1,000. Maybe you should start looking around to see what other numbers are out there.
PING (the real #101)

When did you become such a moron? “If you’re going to boo just stay home?” I don't agree that buying a ticket gives you the right to act like an ass, shout profanities, vomit, fall on small children or urinate on yourself when you pass out, but I do believe you can boo to show your displeasure. Aww, if we hurt the rich spoiled athletes feelings they're going to quit. :( We're doing ‘em a favor, then they can get a cushy real job; the ones that are year round without all the demands of travel, training, and appearances. As much as I love supercross, I think I can get by not spending $15 for a beer and $12 for a hot dog each year. Of course your job will be eliminated, but you can regail your Mickey D customers with stories of your near championships as they wait for their fries to be cooked. Man, I used to stand up for you. When people would say you were sandbagging in Supermoto, I'd say, 'Come on, it's not like he won a championship. He's at a handicap dropping down to 250F's at his weight, age and slowing reflexes.' For the record, this is not directed at all racers; some are appreciative and thick-skinned and have a grasp on the real world. See ya in Dallas.
P.S.Why isn't Stewart being fined or suspended for moving over on a triple and why hasn't he apologized to Kyle? (It was partridge I believe?)

Dear Greg,
Greg, you ignorant douche bag. It’s been a while since I’ve received a letter that was so far off the mark that I actually wanted to fly to Dallas and punch your mama, and every teacher you ever had, right in the suck-hole. I opined that booing the sport's two biggest stars at the opening rounds of the series was inappropriate and rude. I stand by that 100 percent. If that isn’t acting like an ass then I don’t know what is. Now, I realize that after the debacle in the Phoenix main event that people are going to take sides regarding what went down and I can understand the mixed cheers the following weekend, but the series hadn’t even started yet and BOTH of the top riders got booed. It has nothing to do with hurting their feelings; trust me: they don’t give two squirts of piss what you think about them. It’s a complete lack of respect and common courtesy for two people that work incredibly hard at their craft. With the state of this industry you should just be glad that there are any motorcycle races going on at all. Go check out the Supermoto and road racing series if you don’t believe me. 

And you’re implying that I’m going to work at McDonald’s? Man, I’ve seen better writing from ten-year-olds with traumatic head injuries than the mess you sent in. It took fifteen minutes of editing to make it legible. You should race over to your community college and get your money back.

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