Sign of the (Lap) Times: Phoenix

January 19, 2010 11:32am | by:
For this week's Motion Pro Sign of the (Lap) Times, we dive into data from Phoenix, round two of Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship.

Lites Class

Finish Best Lap Rider Bike
1 54.682 Jake Weimer Kawasaki
4 54.802 Will Hahn Honda
5 55.108 Broc Tickle Yamaha
2 55.152 Ryan Morias Suzuki
7 55.156 Trey Canard Honda
3 55.231 Blake Wharton Honda
6 56.167 Cole Seely Honda
9 56.320 Bobby Kiniry Suzuki
20 56.613 Josh Hansen Kawasaki
12 56.924 Gautier Paulin Yamaha
11 57.111 Travis Baker Yamaha
10 57.120 Phil Nicoletti KTM
8 57.322 Tommy Searle KTM
13 57.467 Jeff Alessi Yamaha
15 57.540 Max Anstie Yamaha
14 57.952 Ryan Clark Honda
16 58.076 Sean Borkenhagen Honda
18 58.703 Chris Gosselaar Honda
17 58.839 Ben Evans Suzuki
19 1.00.023 Jake Canada Kawasaki

  • Jake Weimer had a rough weekend, but he went fast when it mattered most.
  • Wil Hahn impressed again, this time logging the second fastest lap of any Lites rider.
Last week Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Jake Weimer looked to be the fastest and strongest rider in the field, and he romped to the victory. But when we looked at the lap times, we noted that Jake only notched the fourth-fastest time of the race. Over the weekend in Phoenix, Weimer was nursing a few injuries and even lost a few spots early in the race. He eventually came back to win, and most noted his ability to grab a victory even when he didn't have his best night.

But guess what? This time Weimer actually did log the fastest time of the race. Maybe he was better than it looked.

Also notable is Troy Lee/Lucas Honda's Will Hahn notching the second best time of the night en route to fourth in the race. Hahn was right in the mix all night and nearly edged Blake Wharton for third. Wharton led the most laps in the race, but only logged the sixth-fastest lap time.

Also note Josh Hansen's 20th, which was due to a crash on the first lap.

Supercross Class

Finish Best Lap Rider Bike
1 53.806 Ryan Dungey Suzuki
2 53.838 Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki
3 54.004 Josh Hill Yamaha
4 54.730 Ivan Tedesco Yamaha
6 54.871 Kevin Windham Honda
7 54.907 Austin Stroupe Suzuki
5 54.989 Andrew Short Honda
9 55.045 Davi Millsaps Honda
8 55.268 Justin Brayton Yamaha
15 55.425 James Stewart Yamaha
19 55.434 Chad Reed Kawasaki
10 56.244 Tommy Hahn Suzuki
12 56.346 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha
11 56.728 Manuel Gomez Kawasaki
13 56.754 Nick Wey Kawasaki
18 56.915 Grant Langston Yamaha
20 56.980 Michael Byrne Kawasaki
14 57.029 Jason Thomas Suzuki
17 57.134 Cyrille Coulon Kawasaki
16 57.786 Chris Blose Honda

  • Rough night for James.
  • Ryan Dungey put in the fastest main event lap in Phoenix.
Speed wins races at times, and here you will notice that the top three finishers also logged the three fastest times, in the same order in which they finished. Ivan Tedesco's fourth-best time powered him to a fourth-place finish, too.

Honda Red Bull Racing's Andrew Short finished fifth, ahead of two riders who actually put in faster laps than he did.

But most notable of all, of course, are James Stewart and Chad Reed. The standard front-runners in supercross both had painful nights, and neither finished in the top ten. Stewart had crashed hard in his heat race, and Reed borke his hand in the main event. Stewart logged the tenth best time and Reed the 11th. When was the last time you could say that?