Sign of the (Lap) Times: Anaheim 1

January 12, 2010 3:20pm | by:

Monster Energy Supercross is underway, so the riders finally have a chance to see where they fit in with the rest of the pack. Laps at the test track are one thing, but laps under the bright lights on Saturday night are something else. For this week's Motion Pro Sign of the (Lap) Times, we dive into each rider's fastest main even lap times from Anaheim 1.

Supercross Lites

Finish Best Lap Rider Bike
2 57.994 Trey Canard Honda
3 58.064 Ryan Morias Suzuki
5 58.140 Will Hahn Honda
1 58.145 Jake Weimer Kawasaki
4 58.639 Blake Wharton Honda
6 58.667 Broc Tickle Yamaha
8 58.952 Josh Hansen Kawasaki
7 59.055 Tommy Searle KTM
9 59.220 Max Anstie Yamaha
14 59.621 Cole Seely Honda
15 59.947 Gautier Paulin Yamaha
10 1.00.140 Jeff Alessi Yamaha
16 1.00.214 Phil Nicoletti KTM
11 1.00.322 Hunter Hewitt Suzuki
12 1.00.739 Sean Borkenhagen KTM
20 1.00.786 Travis Baker Yamaha
13 1.00.818 Robert Kiniry Suzuki
19 1.01.150 Ryan Clark Honda
17 1.01.884 Chris Gosselaar Honda
18 1.02.028 Ben Evans Suzuki

  • Trey Canard logged the fastest lap in the Lites main, but finished the night second.
In the Supercross Lites class, the most amazing stat tells that the fastest lap of the race winner, Jake Weimer, was only fourth-fastest compared to everyone else’s best lap. GEICO Honda’s Trey Canard was the only Lites pilot to break into the 57-second range, and he finished second, while third place finisher Ryan Morias was second. Will Hahn looked fast in the afternoon’s timed qualifying and logged the third-best lap in the main. But due to a bad start, he finished fifth. Rookie Max Anstie was second-fastest in qualifying but started about 18th in the main and could never really get a clean lap in en route to a ninth-place finish.

As for Weimer, the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider proves consistent laps are more important than the fastest lap if you want to win races.

Supercross Class

Finish Best Lap Rider Bike
1 56.088 James Stewart Yamaha
2 56.260 Ryan Dungey Suzuki
4 57.319 Andrew Short Honda
3 57.542 Kevin Windham Honda
5 57.560 Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki
8 57.869 Justin Brayton Yamaha
6 58.128 Josh Hill Yamaha
7 58.324 Ivan Tedesco Yamaha
9 58.577 Davi Millsaps Honda
11 59.707 Tommy Hahn Suzuki
12 1.00.020 Nick Wey Kawasaki
10 1.00.063 Grant Langston Yamaha
13 1.00.165 Greg Aranda Kawasaki
18 1.00.272 Austin Stroupe Suzuki
14 1.00.506 Fabien Izoird Kawasaki
15 1.00.651 Justin Keeney Kawasaki
17 1.01.352 Jason Lawrence Yamaha
16 1.01.458 Michael Byrne Kawasaki
19 n/a Chad Reed Kawasaki
20 n/a Josh Grant Yamaha

  • Stewart's fastest lap just edged Dungey, and he did the same in the results.
In the 450 class, San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart won the race and logged the fastest time. What’s telling is that Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey’s best lap was right behind him, only two tenths off, and everyone else is over a second off. That’s why Dungey and Stewart had a massive lead over everyone else by the end of the event. Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short was actually third fastest, but he finished behind Kevin Windham, who had the fourth-best lap.

Most of the riders finishes are similar to the rank of their lap times. Perhaps the most telling stat are the two favorites at the bottom that didn’t even get a full lap in. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Chad Reed and Muscle Milk/Toyota Yamaha’s Josh Grant certainly hoped for better coming into Anaheim.