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January 8, 2010 11:43am | by:

  • Not a good look. Absolutely not.

Is it still cool to wear a black bandana under a flat-billed hat, with black socks, skate shoes, huge sunglasses and tank top? I will be at Anaheim 1 and I just want to make sure it didn't go out of style. Thanks.

Dear Smitty,

Sorry, but that look was never cool. I know a lot of “bro’s” in SoCal’s Inland Empire didn’t get that memo, but it’s true. That look is cool just like the Flock of Seagulls hairdo and Day-Glo pants were cool in the ‘80s. Sadly, finding someone in this costume at a supercross is like looking for hay in a haystack. But instead of trying to look like a Metal Mulisha dropout, why don’t you do this: Wear a T-shirt of any color but black, some pants that fit reasonably well, a hat with a moderate amount of bend to the bill and shoes without skulls or bandana graphics on them. Okey-dokey?

Dear ping,
I feel terrible for what happened to Christian, and I know it's no conciliation prize but you made a good choice giving Cole Seely a break and signing him to your team. Also, you signed my best friend's cousin, Cory, as your semi driver, so thank you for that also. I recall at the U.S. Open night 1, on that 250f, Cole Seely was the second fastest rider in the whoops behind Stewart himself. The speed was ridiculous... I was wondering how you think your team is going to do this year? And why did you make Cole do pushups?Jared

Dear Jared,

Injuries like the one Christian sustained are the only thing about this sport that I can’t stand. Watching him crash that day is and will always be one of the worst moments of my life. That said, he is recovering really well and if he keeps working hard he’ll be back to normal before he knows it. And you’re right about our other team members; they are great guys. Cole is going to impress everyone and Cory is like Travis Pastrana’s little brother; you can’t help but love him. The pushup game is something that we’ve been doing since last year. It started as a way of punishing selfishness by making the word “mine” taboo. If anyone on our team says that word they have to do ten pushups... right there... no matter where they are. It's evolved into trying to get each other to say it so we can ridicule them while they do them. I’ve got Erin Bates keen to the game too so if you see one of my guys on the podium doing pushups you’ll know why.


I have yet to find a ROLO blizzard.  I have checked every DQ around. Is this just some Euro folklore or does it really exist?

  • Nom, nom, nom, nom....
Dear Mark,
It does exist… I’ve seen it and experienced its deliciousness about four days in a row while visiting Canada. They don’t make them here in the United States, for whatever sad, unsubstantiated reason. But the good news is now you have a reason to go visit our friendly neighbors to the north. I suggest waiting until spring though because if you go there now you will actually be in a blizzard. Cheers.


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