5 Minutes with...Trey Canard

January 7, 2010 2:12pm
When the Lites class lines up for its opening main event of the 2010 season, there’ll only be one rider behind the starting gate who already has a Lites-class supercross championship—Trey Canard. The GEICO Powesports Honda rider is going into this third full season as a professional, and he’s definitely a favorite to be standing on top of the podium Saturday night. We checked in with Trey today for this quick update.

  • Trey can whip, but says Brett Metcalfe can whip it better.
Racer X: What’s up, Trey?
Trey Canard: Today I’m going to Angel Stadium for press day. I’ve got some little stuff to take care of. Just counting down the days till Anaheim 1.

Will you be doing any more riding between now and Saturday?
Yeah, I’ve got a little bit of riding today to do on the race bike, and I’m not sure about Friday, but that’s the plan as of now.

Do you have much time on your race bike?
I rode it a little bit yesterday, but we’ve been testing and I’ve been riding a lot of the same stuff. It’s just a matter of breaking it in now.

It seems you’ve been a bit under the radar lately, but you’ll be the only guy lining up for the Lites class Saturday night with a supercross championship already under your belt. Can you handle all that pressure?
Well, I mean, it’s just stats on paper, really. We’re all the same out there. We’ve all been working hard during the off-season; we’ve all had our ups and downs, and we’re all pretty equal in talent and speed. All I have to do now is to my best and execute.

Do you ever think back to your rookie season and wonder how you pulled that championship off?
Hey, what are you saying? You doubt me? [Laughs] Again, it’s just stats on paper for me. It’s awesome and I’m so thankful I won that, and it’s something that’ll always be in my mind, but that was the past and I’ve just got to look forward. The preparation has been good and the bike has been good, so we’ll see what happens.

So how’s the new fuel-injected bike?
Honestly, it’s amazing. I can’t believe it. I’m actually scared to ride a bike with a carburetor now. The things you can do compared to a carbureted bike are insane. You can just bounce right into the faces and not worry about the thing bogging. It’s not finicky or sluggish. It’s just pretty unreal.

More importantly, do you like the new graphics?
[Laughs] The bold new graphics are sweet!

Mike LaRocco has been helping out the team a little more this year, so how’s that going?
Mike has been a huge help, for sure.
Especially with starts, right?
No, that’s not something to talk about with Mike. But yeah, he’s had so much experience with not only racing, but testing, so he’s been a huge help in that process. To have someone with that much experience and somebody who has been there as long as he has, it’s a huge advantage.

Were you a Mike LaRocco fan growing up?
Yeah, definitely. How can you not be a Mike LaRocco fan?

True. You guys are wearing Fox helmets and boots this year. How has that transition been?
They’re great. Fox has worked really hard to get us comfortable. You know, anytime you make a change, it’s different, but it’s something I’m stoked on, and the best part is we look cool.

That is the most important thing! Okay, I’m going to put you on the spot, Trey. Who has the best whip on your team?
Best whip? Dude, the best photo I think was Metty. He was, like, upside down at the photo shoot, but it’s hard to beat the classic K-Dub whip. It looks so effortless.

This is your last year in the Lites class in supercross.

Does that make you a little nervous?
Not really. All I can do is my best, so to worry about details that I can’t change is worthless.

  • Canard brings the 2008 Eastern Regional SX Lites championship to the starting line.
We all know the cliché of how you can’t win the championship at the first race, but you can definitely lose it. What result will you be happy with when you’re leaving Angel Stadium Saturday night?
I’ll be happy with a better race than last year. It was rough for me at the first round. There’ll be a lot of anticipation and nervousness, but I’ll be happy being on the podium. But honestly, if I just put in a solid effort, I’ll be happy with that.

Who do you think will win the 450 class, other than your teammate Kevin?
Man, it’s hard to bet against James. The guy is just super talented. But look at what Chad did last year. I think Ryan [Villopoto] is going to be ready also.

How about Dungey?
What I expect from Ryan Dungey is that I think everybody kind of has that first 450 year that’s rough, but I think Ryan is going to be one of the first guys to have a really solid rookie year on a 450.

What about Antonio Balbi?
Antonio Balbi? I think if it rains, Antonio Balbi is going to win! Didn’t you see Daytona in 2008?