2010 Confused Clothing Company/Warthog Racing Rider List

January 7, 2010 12:00pm
Confused Clothing/Warthog Racing 2010 -- Bigger and Badder than Ever. Stretching dollars to unbelievable limits to help super talented, highly driven, and with an extra helping of heart and desire, these mostly unknown kids are living their dreams of making a career in the most bad ass sport of all – Supercross. We just conquered the Motocross season as the 2009 MX Sports/AMA Team of the Year and are Ready for a Repeat in Supercross. Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead with the All New Red Warthog. Change is the Only Constant for Warthog Racing.

West Coast Lites Class
52 Antonio Balbi (Kaw) CA
251 Josh Clark (Kaw) CT
804 Jason Langford Jr. (Kaw) TX
447 Deven Raper Gateway (Kaw) AZ
177 Mitch Rask (Kaw) OR

Supercross Class
82 Jesse Casillas (Kaw) CA Entire Series
86 Bobby Bonds Gateway (Kaw) CA Entire Series Starting at San Fran
309 Spencer Dally (Suz) MN Entire Series
958 Aden De Jager (Kaw) AUSTRALIA  Entire Series
### Adam Enticknap (Hon) CA Entire Series Starting at A2
229 Jeff Loop (Kaw) CA Entire Series
247 Teddy Parks (Kaw) TX West Coast Only Included in Shea Racing/Warthog Racing Partnership
930 Tom Parsons (Hon) FL Entire Series Starting at A2
812 Luke Vonlinger (Kaw) KY West Coast Only Riding 250F in the Supercross Class

East Coast Lites
### Shae Bentley (Kaw)FL Past East Coast Lites Champion
385 Riley Blackmer (Hon) CANADA Included in Doc Samani/Husker Offroad/Warthog Racing Partnership
32 Kyle Cunningham (Hon) TX Will be available to other teams if needed, otherwise will ride with us
69 Adam Chatfield (Kaw) CA VIA ENGLAND
375 Cody Gilmore (Kaw) IA Included in Doc Samani/Husker Offroad/Warthog Racing Partnership
50 Alex Martin (Hon) MN Included in Doc Samani/Husker Offroad/Warthog Racing Partnership
129 Vernon McKiddie (Kaw) TX Included in Shea Racing/Warthog Racing Partnership
565 Preston Mull (Kaw) CA Included in Doc Samani/Husker Offroad/Warthog Racing Partnership
247 Teddy Parks (Kaw) TX Included in Shea Racing/Warthog Racing Partnership
79 Justin Sipes (Kaw) KY
812 Luke Vonlinger (Kaw) KY
196 Tyler Wharton (Kaw) TX


This year’s effort is being made possible by Title Sponsor Confused Clothing Company, -- The Next Big Thing in Action Sports Lifestyle Apparel, The, Warthog,Racing Academy -- Daring to Make a Difference, DeCal Works,., Supplying the Highest Quality Bike Graphics and Other Team Decals to Warthog Racing Since 2003, Smooth Industries, the Team’s Designer of Choice, Bryan McDonald, of www.LongShotRacing.net -- Providing Sport Changing Rider Coaching, MotoConcepts -- Changing the Sport by Offering World-Class and Game Altering MotoPads and Injection-Molded Bike Stands, Vertex Pistons, -- The Best Things from Italy Since Pizza, Vortex Bars and Sprockets -- Parts that Make Riders Rocket, Ti-Lube/Ti-Fuels for Off-the-Chart Performance Race Gas and Lubricants, K&N High Performance Air Filters and Oil Filters -- More Air Flow, Equals More Horsepower, C&L Companies, Jardine Exhaust -- Settle for Nothing Less than the Best, Dana K. Business Parks – The OG Benefactor to the Sport, Gateway Cycles of Kentucky -- Kawasaki’s are Us for Half the Team, Shea Racing -- The Warthog’s Closest Partner Team for 2010, Lots of Loyalty and Respect for Tim Shea, Devol Engineering -- Holeshot Devices and Lots of the Best Bike Bling, Liquid Performance -- Best-in-Class Engine Coolant, Cleaning Products, Chain Lube, and Contact Cleaner, X-Brand Goggles by EKS -- Providing a Better Rider Experience, www.MotocrossGiant.com -- The Best Products at the Best Prices, The www.FastFriendsFoundation.org -- Benefactor for Actions Sports Participants, www.PlanetMoore.com -- Fantabulous Photography by the Great Michael Moore, Zoo Ministries -- Spiritual Services by the Reverend Shippy, Your Personal Stairway to Heaven, Fly Racing Gear -- High Quality Gear and Race Support, Western Power Sports -- Everything an MXer Could Ever Want Comes from WPS, www.JayClarkEnt.com – Dude is the Rep of the Decade in Our Industry, HotCams -- High Performance Cams, Caviar Quality at Wal-Mart Prices, PivotWorks -- Ultra Performance Bearings and Other Great Stiff, Cylinder Works -- OEM Replacement Cylinders at a Fraction of the Cost, Just the Right Dollar to Value Ratio for Today’s Demanding Economy, HotRods -- High Performance and OEM Replacement Rods and Cranks that are Better than the Originals, Cometic – The Best Gaskets and the Prices Won’t Put You in the Casket, Honolulu Hills Raceway -- Hosting the Supercross Academy and Providing Small Town Hospitality to All Who Come to Ride, Darrell, Charlie, and Darin – We Salute You, MB2 Raceway -- Karting at its Best, In Both Sylmar and Thousand Oaks, Blonix – Exceptional Motor Work for Josh Clark, compliments of Master Mike Foster, J&M Racing -- Motor Services for Teddy Parks, Aden De Jager, and Jason Langford Jr, Get’er Done Says John Mitchell, Just Get’er Done. Dr. D – Hour Meters that are Miraculous, MXResultz.com -- Website Implementation Services for www. WarthogRacing.com, EmSeE – Custom Helmet Painting by the Numbers, Sensational Kwala -- Grips from Oz that Brings Ohs and Ahs , Motion Pro -- Pitboards that that Last Forever, Husker Offroad -- Supported by The Ultimate Benefactor Doc Samani,, LifeTrack -- Saving Lives in MX, www.ProMotoFan.com -- a Large Warthog Racing Academy Supporter and the Most Innovative Fantasy SX/MX Game in the Sport, RacerX -- led by the Wonderful DC, Who Helped Get the Warthog Racing Experiment Off the Ground Years Ago, Transworld Motocross – Supporting Warthog Racing with Vigor and Vim, Dirt Rider, -- with Pete Petersen Picking Up What We Lay Down, They Never Miss Our Beat, Motocross Action Magazine -- Always Nearby to Document the History Making Efforts of the Team, Cycle News -- Following the Warthog Adventure Week-by-Week, and Finally, www.VitalMX.com -- Led by the Energetic and Award Winning GuyB, The Warthog Nation -- A Member Organization for Teams, Sponsors, Fans, and Any Other Person, Place, or Thing that Supports the Inspired Mission of Warthog Racing -- “Helping Change the Sport for the Better, Forever, and for Everyone in It”. Team Benefactors Include Mike Genova, Andy James, Pete Nauditt, Rob Hale, and Don Elledge of Edgile Consulting -- IT Consulting Beyond Compare. Special Thanks to Feld Motorsports and MX Sports for Supporting Our Cause. And The Mole - for Being, Well, The Mole. As for “The Other Dana Kay”,, Please Take a Bow, for There Would be No Season Without Her, She is that Stupendous, Really.

May I Kindly Suggest That you Support Our Sponsors by Buying Two of Everything. Thank You and See You ‘all at the Races!