Red Bull Honda Racing's Andrew Short Ready for SX

Team Red Bull Honda Racing’s Andrew Short is ramping up his program in order to hit the ground running come January 9th at Anaheim Stadium for the supercross kick-off. The man known as Shorty to friends and fans across the world is looking to improve on his two straight third place finishes in the series.

The 2009 sx season opener saw Andrew finish a career high second place on his Jason Haines-tuned CRF450 and he looks forward to bettering that in front of another sold-out crowd.

Last summer in the motocross series,  Short was struck down by a virus that caused him to cut back on his practice times but he’s 100% ready to attack the series and mix it up with the leaders “I’ve got a handle on my illness and I knew what I had and I needed rest. I got that rest and am back to baseline right now” says Andrew “I’ve just been getting ramped up for the supercross season. I came out to California on November 1st and am now dedicated to my program and working on things at full speed. I’ve been trying to get my speed up and be prepared for the circus to start.”

Shorty, a rider that has shown much sponsor loyalty over the years, is back with his long-time sponsor Fly Racing, “I’m so lucky to have Fly Racing behind me again, those guys are so cool and I like just hanging out with them.  All my sponsors are great and I appreciate everything they do for me.”

Scott goggles are back for a second year and they give Andrew complete confidence, Alpinestars protects his feet and Leatt brace is there for neck protection. Short goes on to say in his usual aw-shucks manner “All my sponsors are vital to my success out there and they, along with Red Bull Honda Racing’s own sponsors, help me out so much. I thank them for all their support in the upcoming season."

Look for a brand new in the New Year that will have giveaways, Ask Andrew a question, results, releases and products for sale. It will be an interactive way for all the #29 fans to keep up on all things Shorty!

Andrew Short is backed by Fly Racing, Scott Goggles, Leatt Braces and Alpinestars boots

Team Red Bull Honda Racing 2010 Team Sponsors: 

Red Bull Energy Drink, Fox Racing, Showa, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Honda Riders Club of America (HRCA), Dunlop, Renthal, D.I.D, VP Racing Fuels, Throttle Jockey, Twin Air, Yoshimura and Hinson Racing