Ride with Mike Metzger and the MOB Syndicate Riders

Here is your chance to ride with Mike Metzger and the MOB Syndicate Riders.
Bring your family and friends to one of California's premier riding spots- Ocotillo Wells and spend a weekend with a MOB of freeridings best.

December 18th-20th
Any rider that finds a HIT that has never been jumped and is worthy of props from the Godfather will get a $500.00 Metzgerunlimited.com shopping spree, Oakley Holeshot watch, gift package from Jagermiester including a skateboard and custom JVC amp, and a custom painted "the HITS out" Kali helmet. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
There will also be a "Follow the Leader" trail ride. Props to anyone that can finish. Not suggested for the weak at heart (beginning riders may want to wait this one out). Torcher is the name of the Godfather's game.
Also DayZero, PickAxe, Interim Divine, and LongBeach Vagrant will be rockin everyone out on the night of the 19th! These bands are a must see. The concert is at the Blu-Inn RV Resort.

The MOBSTAZ headquarters and camp site- Blu-Inn RV Resort off highway 78 2189 Highway 78 Ocotillo Wells, CA 92004. Call for more information (760) 561-1370 or
visit bluinrvpark.com.
Sponsored by MetzgerUnlimited.com, Mob Syndicate, Jagermiester, Kali Protectives, Oakley, SANO MX, MTA, AFMXA, Freeridemx.com, MonsterTattoo.com, Blu-Inn RV Resort, Freestylemtx.com, MainLine Media.