KTM 50s and Race Trailer Stolen

Two 2008 KTM Pro Jrs, and a Mighty Mover Race Trailer were stolen in Lake Elsinore, CA.

They were sold illegally from Play-Toy-Unlimited – Lake Elsinore, CA. (now out of business)

The owner of Play-Toy-Unlimited does not know what happened to the bikes and trailer (he says) that were stored in his parking lot during the week.

2008 KTM 50cc MX Vehicle ID# VBKMRA2308M032910  DMV ID # 14883852
2008 KTM 50cc MX Vehicle ID# VBKMRA2338M032870  DMV ID # 14883851

Any information that will help us find my kids bikes and trailer will be rewarded $$$.

e-mail -    Johnny@CaliaBrothersRacing.com