Introducing the AXO Melbourne Jacket

Santa Clarita, CA – The AXO Melbourne jacket is an extremely versatile jacket that can be worn year-round for Off Road and Enduro riding. Its removable sleeve technology gives you the option to ride with a full coat or vest while the sleeves can be stored in one of the many pockets on the jacket. But the true innovation of the Melbourne is the removable collar, which allows the use for any type of neck brace. Clean looking when on the jacket, the collar comes off easily through a curved zipper.

The Melbourne jacket is constructed of high tenacity nylon and polyester fabrics, the reinforced shoulder and elbow panels wrap around the rider for maximized flexibility and comfort. With the Melbourne jacket having so many pockets, it gives the rider the necessary storage to carry all of the essential items for the ride. The biggest surprise of the jacket is the extremely affordable price of $119.99 USD retail and it's offered in sizes S-XXXL.

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