Privateer Profile: Ronnie Goodwin

December 1, 2009 7:07pm
By Stephan Legrand (

Ronnie Goodwin, a young rider from Las Vegas, waited for this moment for quite a long time. In the Lites West class this year he will get a chance to make his debut as a “full time” privateer on the Kawasaki Red7ride team.

  • Ronnie Goodwin
Racer X: Could you tell us who you are and what new team you’ll be riding on next year?
My name is Ronnie Goodwin, I’m 18 years old, I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’m going to start my professional career as a privateer aboard the Red7ride Kawasaki team in 2010. I’ll be riding the Lites West and Kyle Partridge will be on a 450F. Our main sponsor, Red Seven is an internet parts and accessories shop based in Henderson, NV. They just started out and I hope to grow with them. The team owner Damon Wasden hired a new web guy to re-do the site, and all updates should be done soon on It’s basically a one stop shop for motocross, street, BMX, Skate, etc. If you ride it, they sell accessories for it.   

Is it hard for your team owner to put together a new team during this year, with the industry and economy being so bad? 
Damon is committed to his new business, and his team is the way he wants to promote it and reach his customers. Since the shop is out of Vegas he wanted to help two locals riders, Kyle Partridge and myself. It is his way to contribute to the sport. When our sponsors meet Damon and see what he is about they have been more than willing to come aboard and help as much as they can. Our team really is a team effort to bring it all together for supercross to meet all our goals.       

  • Ronnie Goodwin
Your first race with the team was at the US Open, how did it go?
The US Open was kind of a warm up race to see where we were at. It was a last minute thing because we didn’t know if we were able to do it. I felt pretty good, it gave me a little confidence. It showed me where I was at and where I needed to improve.

How do you prepare for Anaheim 1? What’s your program?
I’ve been training at the Honolulu Hills Supercross Academy in Taft, California. It’s a great place for privateers like me because we ride two professionaly built and specialized SX tracks. During the 15 week program it helps us training, riding and getting focused for the Supercross series. It’s a very good deal. I believe I’m in very good shape now and I’m improving everyday over there. Brian and Tim have helped me a lot.

Tell us more about the bike you will be riding.
I will be riding a Kawasaki 250F. The motors and suspension will be done by Pro Circuit, so I feel that I will be on the best equipment avilable to a privateer. That is also the same bikes and modifications I had as an amateur, so I am already comfortable on them.  

  • Ronnie Goodwin
Are you nervous about getting to a full SX Lites season for the fist rime?
No I’m not nervous, I’m very excited about it. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. For now I need to work on my consistency and endurance. I want to be able to go the distance and do good for my first time riding the whole West Coast series. I did a couple of races last year with the help of my dad but I was not too consistent. I know I can do better next year. I want to go out and qualify for the main events every time possible. I need to work on my starts.

Do you have an outdoor deal as well ?
I’m not sure about the outdoor right now. I want to focus everything on supercross for now. That’s my main goal for 2010.

Tell us who you’d like to thank.
I’d like to thank Red7ride, Thousand Oaks Kawasaki, Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, Kawasaki Team Green, Sunline, Six Six One, Maxima Oils, Tag Metals, Dragon, Ogio, Excel, Shock Doctor, Skull Candy, Dunlop, Leatt,, all my family for all their support and you LeBig, for doing this interview.