Zoo World Ministries Teams Up with Wonder Warthog Racing Academy

Zoo World Ministries (“Zoo World”) is proud to announce that it has teamed up with Wonder Warthog Racing Academy (“Warthog”) to be the title sponsors for the 2010 AMA Supercross and AMA Outdoor Series.  Over the past several years, Warthog has coached and sponsored motocross/supercross student-athletes who do not have the monetary resources to achieve their racing dreams.  Zoo World is a non-profit religious organization that has dedicated itself to spreading the Gospel to young men and women through sports ministry.  Together, Zoo World and Warthog have partnered together to help young individuals live physically fit and spiritually healthy lives.

Zoo World strongly supports Warthog’s diligent efforts to provide a positive and healthy lifestyle for today’s youth. For this reason, Zoo World has set forth a personal goal to raise $500,000 on behalf of Warthog.  All solicited funds will be used for Warthog’s sponsorship of riders and racing facility expenses.  Zoo World will donate 50%% of all donations received for the 2010 calendar year to Warthog, unless the donating individual or entity has expressly provided otherwise.

Help us make a positive impact on a young man or young woman’s life. The difference between hope and expectation is action. Please make your tax deductible donation to Zoo World Ministries.  A tax receipt shall be provided for all donations in excess of $ 5.00.

May God richly bless us in this endeavor.

Stephen A. Shippy

President/Founder of Zoo World Ministries


Mission Statement

Our vision at Zoo World Ministries is a simple one.  God’s Word says to preach the Gospel and “make disciples of all nations,” and that is what we strive hardest to do.  Because of the physical challenges and dangers associated with extreme sports, the athletes who are involved in such sports are often putting their lives on the line every time they go out to practice or compete.  We believe that in order to do well mentally and physically, we first need to be athletes “in the spirit.” The armor of God is the most important form of protection any of us will ever need, and our goal is to get this mind set into all of the athletes we sponsor.  Zoo World Ministries is a non-profit religious entity that supports athletes of extreme sports.  We help equip impressionable young athletes to be all they can be and to achieve all that God has created for them.  We need your help to extend our reach and mission. In the past seven years, we have seen major miracles happen in our ministry. We have seen athletes saved from injury and broken athletes healed miraculously.  We have seen the sick become well, we have helped drug addicts find balance, we have witnessed broken families become reunited, and we have seen hope returned to the lives of those who felt they were lost and alone in this world.  We will continue with visiting the injured and the sick in the hospitals, offering support and prayer, encouraging an attitude of hope and resilience.  We believe motocross can be a good tool, a positive alternative to the unhealthy lifestyle that so many young people are up against these days.  We strive to make our riders responsible role models for the younger generations.  Through the teaching of Biblical principles, we show how God is the ultimate Protector, Healer, and Provider. In our Bible studies, we teach our athletes how to stay spiritually focused by staying grounded in God's Word.