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  • Motocross GP Album 2009
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Book language: English + French
Size: 23x29cm
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ISBN: 978-2-36097-000-1

The annual photo review of the FIM Motocross World Championship. Motocross GP Album 2009 provides a comprehensive illustrated panorama of the MX1, MX2 and WMX Motocross World Championships.

Dive into the Grand Prix atmosphere, excitement and thrill, through more than 400 pictures which will take you through the entire season. Discover the greatest actions of the world’s best riders, exclusive interviews, and riders’ stories about their own season.

Features an in-depth coverage of Antonio Cairoli’s Sicilian domination in the main class. The WMX Franco-German duel which turned in favour of Steffi Laier. And of course, Marvin Musquin’s intense MX2 season, as well as the rise of the whiz kid, Ken Roczen, and the mythical Motocross of Nations.

This book provides a detailed and definitive look at the 2009 World Motocross season. It contains all the features every motocross fan can expect, and also addresses to all the curious ones and amateurs of beautiful pictures, more and more spectacular thanks to ever more technical riders.

A comprehensive review of the MX1/MX2/WMX World Championships
Results, Grand Prix map, calendar, statistics...

Pictures of all the best riders
Grands Prix, Motocross of Nations, Junior & Women’s French Series

The words from more than 35 riders
They tell you their own story of their season

Exclusive interviews
The World Champions: Marvin Musquin, Antonio Cairoli, Steffi Laier
They left their mark on the season: Ken Roczen, Clément Desalle, Livia Lancelot

Riders’ rider of the year
The rider of the year chosen by the Grand Prix riders

With the participation of:
Marvin Musquin, Antonio Cairoli, Steffi Laier, Mickaël Pichon, Ken Roczen, Clément Desalle, Livia Lancelot, Rui Gonçalves, Max Nagl, Larissa Papenmeier, Gautier Paulin, Nathalie Kane, Davide Guarneri, David Philippaerts, Ken De Dycker, Elin Mann, Steven Frossard, Joshua Coppins, Joël Roelants, Tanel Leok, Marianne Veenstra, Manuel Monni, Kiara Fontanesi, Nicolas Aubin, Elien De Winter, Xavier Boog, Steve Ramon, Valentin Teillet, Aigar Leok, Marcus Schiffer, David Vuillemin, Dennis Verbruggen, Loïc Larrieu, Arnaud Tonus, Anthony Boissière, Billy Mackenzie, Justine Charroux, Marc De Reuver & Shaun Simpson