Honda Wins 13th SCORE Baja 1000 In a Row

JCR/Honda wins the SCORE Baja 1000 and the 2009 SCORE Championship. This win marks the 13th SCORE Baja 1000 in a row for Honda, the 4th for Kendall Norman, the 2nd for Quinn Cody, the 1st for Timmy Weigand and the 2nd in a row for Johnny Campbell's newly formed JCR/Honda.

NBC shot a special on the race featuring the JCR/Honda team. Mark your calendars for the 2009 SCORE Baja 1000 air date of December 19th on NBC at 2pm. We have a sneak peak for you up on the page. Here is the link.

When Kendall Norman crossed the finish line he new he had just lead his team to the Baja 1000 victory. He celebrated with a massive burnout that ignited thousands of spectators surrounding the finish of the 42nd annual SCORE Baja 1000. Thus kicking off a party of flash bulbs and congratulations that lasted until early the next morning with the team celebrating the accomplishment of winning in Baja, a feeling very few will ever know.

Racing an Eric Siraton prepped Honda CRF450X the course was a brutal 672.85 mile loop of the toughest trails in Baja. The winning JCR/Honda team averaged an astonishing 49.97 MPH, the fastest of all competitors and finished in 13:27.50.

The JCR/Honda B team of Brent Harden, Matt Eddy, Max Eddy and lead by Colton Udall was racing without a recently injured Jeff "OX" Kargola. Racing a Colton Udall prepped Honda CRF450X number 18X, and finishing in 14:10:10 with an average speed of 47.49 mph.

Johnny Campbell said: I'm beyond excited. It was a solid effort from both JCR/Honda teams. The racers did a phenomenal job, pre-running and preparing their race. Kendall Norman did an excellent job leading this team to victory. SCORE put on a great race. Giving us the info we needed and a challenging race course. It takes a whole team of people, most of them operating behind the scenes, people like Peter Postel, Hide Hanawa, Scott Dunlavey, Tom "TJ" Jones, Jim Boggs, Chuck Miller, Eric Siraton and many more. Special thanks to the JCR team sponsors including American Honda, Dunlop, Berkeley Honda, Pro Circuit, Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals, Truth Soul Armor, DID, IMS, BRP, Alpinestars, Renthal, Dirt Digits, Hinson Clutch Components, Acerbis, VP, Works Connection, Arai and Motion Pro we couldn't do it without you. I give tons of credit to the JCR/Honda pit staff who's job is to stand out in the desert and wait for us to come by. Without the dedication of our legendary volunteer pit staff this would be impossible and my hat is off to them, what a tremendous team effort! The 1X plate is home where it belongs thanks to you all. 

Read the full story direct from the racers here.