Factory Connection Racing Extends Relationship with Vortex Ignitions

CORONA, Calif. – With the introduction of the all-new 2009 Honda CRF450R, and now the all-new 2010 Honda CRF250R – both outfitted with Electronic Fuel Injection – the role of electronics in motocross machines has achieved a new level of importance. Knowing this, Factory Connection Racing has extended an agreement between the GEICO Powersports Honda team and Vortex Ignitions.

Vortex has been instrumental not only in discovering hidden potential in the carbureted bikes of yesterday for almost half a decade with the team utilizing their high-performance X10 CDI products, but in maximizing the benefits of EFI for modern fuel-injected four-strokes with their advanced fuel and ignition mapping, as well.

“The new Vortex X10 ECU has external screwdriver fuel-trim adjustments, 10 pre-programmed fuel and ignition maps, as well as programmability not available with the stock stuff,” says team technical director Kristian Kibby. “So once you get close, you don’t need to keep hooking it up to laptops or anything at the track. It’s really convenient, and obviously it works really well. I know we couldn’t be happier to have these guys on board.”

In addition to this ease of adjustability, the Vortex ECU also includes much more extensive programmability and sophisticated features than do the OEM pieces. And with the introduction of EFI, as mentioned before, the Vortex ECU features advanced fuel mapping, which allows a rider to change his engine characteristics to suit his riding style, a particular track, or other variables.

For more information on this product as used by the GEICO Powersports Honda race team, check out vortexcdi.com.