Eric Anderson Launches VROOM Network

What worked yesterday doesn't work today and it sure as hell won't work tomorrow! So is your business going to survive the downturn or go the way of the Dodo? "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change," according to Charles Darwin in his The Origin Of Species.

After founding Scorpion Sports and dominating the apparel market at Intersport Fashions West (including launching the legendary Hein Gericke and FIRSTGEAR leather lines) for nearly three decades, industry icon Eric Anderson has new venture: VROOM Network. Billing himself as a "change agent" or catalyst in these tumultuous times, Anderson says VROOM is designed to connect both foreign and domestic manufacturers with powersports industry experts in advertising, marketing, certification, distribution and sales.

VROOM's specific areas of expertise include branding, brand launch strategies, apparel and helmet development, viral marketing as well as distribution vs. dealer-direct business models.

Anderson adds VROOM Network is currently unearthing an enormous number of opportunities with both smaller and larger companies looking to change their current business models during these challenging times. "Because I have experience in building heavily brand-driven distributed brands as well as dealer-direct models, I know the challenges on both sides of the equation."

For more information, contact Eric Anderson at (949) 874-2645 or