Get The Factory Feel With Wiseco's Extreme Clutch Kit

Give your off-road bike or ATV that factory racing feel with a Wiseco Extreme Clutch Kit.  Each kit comes with everything you need for a full clutch replacement, including a forged clutch basket with new cushions, forged inner hub, and forged pressure plate- all hardcoat anodized for the perfect feel and ultimate in wear resistance.  Also included is a full set of frictions, steels, and springs made from premium grade materials.  We’ve improved on stock, offering you a 6-spring set up.  When you need the best in forged clutch components, choose Wiseco for that factory racing feel and extreme performance!

Don’t forget!  All Wiseco forged clutch products purchased in 2009 will have a lifetime warranty against breakage and notching!  We also offer many other clutch kits options to compliment our full line of piston kits, bottom end kits, and valve train components.

2004-06 ECK011 $744.66
2007-09 ECK012 $772.94

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