Holiday Buyers' Guide: RG3 Diamond Kit Suspension

  • RG3 Diamond Kit Suspension
Suspension that is not properly set up for your riding style and ability can lead to serious problems and really take out the fun of riding a dirt bike. We at RG3 understand that being able to procure factory “kit” suspension is just too extravagant, thus we’ve developed the RG3’s Diamond Kit, which takes your existing forks and shock and modifies it to your exact specifications. What does RG3’s Diamond Kit have to offer you? See for yourself.

-Increased plushness
-Improved feel for terrain
-Greatly improved resistance to wear and fade
-A factory feel (tight and consistent) due to improved friction, which allows for valving to be more exact and gives an even smoother feel

Additionally, you’ll receive all the benefits of an RG3 Suspension Revalve, which supplies you with a more plush and progressive feel, a custom setup for your needs, improved traction and predictability, and much more. And, to top it off, we currently have settings for all 2010 models!


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