Pole Position 2010 Year in Racing Pass

The ultimate holiday present this year for any motor sport enthusiast is the 2010 Year in Racing Pass that is only available from Pole Position Raceway. For only $125, it provides one race per week for the entire calendar year 2010. That's 52 races at about two bucks a race. Pole Position Raceway is the legendary chain of indoor go kart tracks that were created with the help of Supercross Champions Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed along with Grant Langston, Mike Metzger, Greg Albertyn, Kerry Peterson, Dick Burleson, Kenny Bartram, Barry Hawk, Randy Hawkins and 2004 NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch. Pole Position Raceway has five locations including Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and southern California (Corona & Murrieta). For more information check out www.PolePositionRaceway.com.