2009 AFMXA Awards Nominees Announced

2009 AFMXA Amateur Event and Awards Ceremony Presented by FUEL TV Details:

Amateur Competition                                  Awards Ceremony
November 7, 2009                                         November 7, 2009
8:00am - 2:00pm                                            6:00pm -- 7:30pm
Pala Raceway                                                 Pala Casino
12799 Highway 76                                         11154 Highway 76
Pala, CA 92059                                              Pala CA 92059 

About the AFMXA

Founded in 2009, the AFMXA is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of America's Freestyle Motocross industry.  A collective of professional, recreational, and corporate members, the AFMXA was launched to assist in more formally organizing the sport and continue supporting its growth and exposure.  The Lusk Legacy Foundation, established to help improve overall safety in the sport, protect the livelihoods of riders and their families, and provide them with legal, medical and financial consultation and representation, has been named the official charitable organization for the AFMXA.  Further information about our mission, events, membership and partners can be found online at www.afmxa.com.


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