Fourth Week of Danny "Magoo" Chandler Auction on eBay

Morgantown, W. Va. - The charity auction for former Team Honda factory motocross racer Danny "Magoo" Chandler continues on eBay, with seven new items added to the list. Fans can access the auction by typing "Magoo Auction" into eBay.

The proceeds from the auction will help defray the costs of a new mobility van for Chandler, whose career ended in a racing accident 25 years ago. "Magoo" is one of the most popular riders of all time, as his wild riding style and incredible talent made him a legend.

This week's list of items includes some high-end items, including signed Bob Hannah Toyota posters and a Steve Lamson '96 Honda Jersey donated by Rich Pettit.

Two Hannah Toyota posters - Signed

Steve Lamson 1996 Honda Jersey

Tyla Rattray Jersey - Signed

Tommy Hahn Jersey - Signed

James Stewart '09 Jersey

Bob Hannah HRP Jersey - Signed

Kyle Cunningham Jersey- Signed

Each week a new set of items will debut on eBay. Type "Magoo Auction" to access or use this link

Two signed Hannah posters.

Steve Lamson 1996 Honda Jersey

Tyla Rattray signed jersey.

Tommy Hahn signed jersey.

2009 James Stewart jersey.

Signed Bob Hannah HRP Jersey.

Signed Kyle Cunningham Jersey.