Holiday Buyers' Guide: Smith Optics V.2

  • Fuel v.2 Sweat X / Cyan & Black / $65
  • Hart & Huntington v.2 / White / $80
  • Fuel v.2 Graphic / Red Pastrana / $80
Introducing the new Fuel v.2 by Smith Optics. 

Smith Optics will be introducing the new Fuel v.2 in the fall along with a couple signature colorways, the Hart and Huntington model and Pastrana’s signature piece.

The new Fuel v.2 will bring a different look to the Smith Moto goggle with the Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System.  Months of R&D testing resulted in a completely new way of approaching goggle fit and helmet integration.  The outrigger design draws the strap forward and away from the goggle frame to distribute pressure evenly against the face and provide a secure, perfect fit in all helmet face ports.

Along with the outrigger system, the frame has been updated and will be available in 7 unique models and over 50 configurations.  There is a new Fuel v.2 specifically designed to address any riding condition and rider ability.

Retail on the Fuel v.2 starts at $40 and goes up to $80 for the signature pieces.

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