Holiday Buyers' Guide: FMF Stainless Steel Megabomb

  • FMF Stainless Steel Megabomb
FMF now offers its patented Megabomb header in durable stainless steel construction.  By constructing the Megabomb header in stainless steel, customers will now receive the same performance gains as our patented titanium Megabomb, while maintaining the durability necessary for off-road use. 

Do not be fooled by knock-offs, FMF’s patented Megabomb header increases output from a stock motor as much as 10% and reduces sound output as much as 1.5dB.  All FMF products are made from premium American material right here in the USA.  Stainless Steel Megabomb headers are now available for all late model motorcycles at your local dealer or

Price: $274.99 / TAKE 20 price (limited time only) $219.99