Holiday Buyers' Guide: ADIGE APTC Slipper Clutch

  • ADIGE APTC Slipper Clutch for 2009-2010 Honda CRF450R
Revolutionary in design, unique to the market, the APTC™ slipper clutch is designed and patented by ADLER®. The power torque of the APTC™ slipper clutch assures the rider of both maximum rear-wheel grip during acceleration and anti-hopping during downshifting.

By maximizing rider control, the APTC™ slipper clutch allows for greater speeds going into and coming out of turns. The unique hub of the APTC™ consists of two parts connected by an helix profile. This design makes it much easier to pull the clutch lever (~50% less pressure is required!) and eliminates clutch lever vibration. The simple set-up of the clutch springs pre-load with the three different types of included shims allows for greater customization possibilities by the rider.


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