JG Off Road / GEICO Powersports EnduroCross Report

Denver, CO - In the morning Open 2 stroke qualifiers the Rodgers brothers were placed in the same qualifier so they needed to both be in the top places to qualify for the night program.  In the first qualifier they were taking only first and second place due to the number of riders that were signed up.  Eric places 1st in the first heat followed by Max Gerston.  Ryan had to go to the LCQ to qualify for the night program for the Open 2 stroke class.  He won the Open 2 stroke LCQ, placing him in the Open 2 stroke main event. 

The night program began and the action was moving quickly as the GEICO team was in many different races.  First race was the Open 2 stroke main event where Ryan took the win and Eric placed 4th.  Next up were the qualifiers for the main expert race.  In heat 1 they took the top 2 places, Ryan and Eric placed 3rd and 4th in that heat, moving them to the semi where they would have to race again to qualify for the main event.  Wally was in heat 2 and took 6th place, which moved him into the semi as well.  In the semi races they only took the 1st place rider to the main expert event.  Heat 1 began and Ryan was in second for most of the race and ended up passing the first place rider for the win, qualifying him for the main event.  Eric took 5th place in heat 1 moving him to Last Chance Qualifier.  Wally was in the second heat and took 3rd place, moving him to the LCQ with Eric.

The Dash for Cash led to much excitement for the GEICO Endurocross team.  Moving toward the finish line battling for the $500, Ryan and Eric were determined to perform to their highest potential.  When the checkered flag fell, they were in first and second place.  Ryan won the first place purse and Eric placed second in the dash for cash.

Immediately after the Dash for Cash was the Final Expert Main event.  During this quick paced race, Taddy Blazusiak held the lead wrapping up the 2009 series championship followed by Haaker and Huffman.  Ryan received 11th place in the Expert Main event.

The team would like to extend a special thanks to all of their sponsors: GEICO, Lojaks Yamaha, B&B Yamaha, MSR, Pirelli, Rekluse, Tsubaki, IMS, Works Connection, EBC Brakes, Silkolene, Renthal, Pro Moto Billet, Enduro Engineer, PowersportGrafx, and Acerbis.

And of course a huge thank you to our fans.

The EnduroCross series will continue on November 21 in Las Vegas for the finale.