EKS Brand's Dustin Nelson Smokes'em at Cahuilla Creek

Yamaha/ITP Quadcross Series Round 8 Cahuilla Creek MX, Anza, CA 10/25/09

Congratulations to EKS BRAND'S Dustin Nelson for winning round 8 of the Yamaha/ ITP Quadcross series.

Below is how Dustin described the race:

“Round eight of the Yamaha/ITP Quadcross series was held at Cahuilla Creek MX about thirty minutes east of Temecula, CA. We raced on the brand new ATV track so there were many questions to be answered concerning how the track would deteriorate, what kind of lines would develop and if it be a good track for racing. The 15 rider field included a few extra national riders as Yamaha’s Thomas Brown made an appearance along with Can-Am’s John Natalie and Chad Wienen.”

Moto One: “National privateer Nick Denoble pulled the holeshot followed by myself and Wienen. I made an aggressive block pass in turn three to take the lead and Wienen followed me through to take second. In the first half of the race I was able to pull about five seconds on Wienen who had a four second gap over Brown in third. Just past the midway point I made a couple mistakes and Wienen closed the gap. We had a close battle for a couple laps and then I was able to create a little breathing room to the finish. At the checkers, I saw my way clear for the win followed by Wienen, Brown, Jeremie Warnia and Natalie.”

Moto Two: “Natalie grabbed the holeshot with Warnia second and Justin Noss third. I started fourth but was able to get past Noss on the first lap. Then the Can Am team tactics kicked in, Natalie slowed and let Warnia take the lead but rode a slower pace in front of me to let Warnia pull a gap. I’ve already had a run in with Natalie in the past month, so I know he’s not above dirty team tactics. It didn’t make me feel any better when Natalie’s pit board read “BLOCK“. Wienen had made his way to fourth but I had decided to not mess with Natalie unless Wienen got close. Just as I started to worry about Natalie’s pace being too slow and letting Wienen catch me, Natalie got a rear flat and was out of the race. With Natalie out of the way I was able to step up the pace and make up a little time on Warnia but Wienen was still closing on me. Time ran out for both myself and Wienen, and at the finish it was Warnia, myself, Wienen, Brown and Noss. I was getting roosted really bad in the back section and I never had a hint of dirt or debris get into my goggles. My vision was perfect the entire day!”

“Round eight of the Yamaha/ITP Quadcross was a good one…. We knocked Warnia’s points lead down to 3 with one round remaining at Glen Helen on November 22nd. If I can win at Glen Helen the championship will be ours!”

Race Results:

1) Dustin Nelson Yam
2) Jeremie Warnia Can
3) Chad Wienen Can
4) Thomas Brown Yam
5) Justin Noss Yam

Top Five Points:

1) Jeremie Warnia 184
2) Dustin Nelson 181
3) Justin Noss 154
4) Jason Dunkleberger 121
5) Evan Spooner 114

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