Freestyle Heroes Enter the Cathedral City

  • Remi Bizouard
  • Brody Wilson
On Saturday, the 24th of October the world’s elite in Freestyle Motocross will come to the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Lanxess Arena Cologne. This time it is not a World Championship contest, but the FMX athletes will fight for points of the IFMXF World ranking. And the field of riders could not be better. Remi Bizouard, the current World Champion will start. He will have a tough fight with Jose Miralles from Spain and U.S.-boy Brody Wilson, who are in charge on 2nd and 3rd  position in this year’s FIM Freestyle MX World Championships.

With Jack Rowe and Greg Hartman, two more top FMX riders from the United States will come to Cologne. Hartman won a best trick gold medal at the Dubai X Games two years ago. The longest trip to the Rhine city will be by Steve Mini. He takes all the long way from Mudgee in Australia to start at the NIGHT of the JUMPs and present his newest tricks. Luckily trick machine Libor Podmol heeled his injury on time and is able to do all his hard combos in Cologne. Alistar Sayer from Botswana will bring African heat on the track. And with Brice Izzo and Massimo Bianconcini more FMX missiles will explode in the Lanxess arena. Last but not least we can count on the German FMX riders Fabian Bauersachs, Freddy Peters and Hannes Ackermann. Bauersachs reached 4th place at the 2008 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships. Freddy Peters just grabbed the German FMX Champion title that Hannes Ackermann held in 2008 and 2007. So the spectators at the Lanxess arena in Cologne can expect the world’s best Freestyle Motocross.

The NIGHT of the JUMPs is the oldest and largest international Freestyle MX series in the world. In its unique mixture, it combines international top-class sport (FIM Freestyle MX World Championship) with classical show elements such as pyro and lighting technology.

Since 2001 over 70 NIGHT of the JUMPs events have been carried out before approximately 1 million enthusiastic fans. This year, intensive investments have been made in the show program. Alongside a completely new multi-media opening show, which sweeps the spectators off their feet already at the beginning, extensive investments have also been made in the rider’s field and the setup of the ramps. The approximately 3-hour program is completed by show elements, however, such as the Whip Contest and the High Jump contest.

Tickets for the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Lanxess arena are available from 47,05 Euros plus fees under or

Field of riders NIGHT of the JUMPs Cologne:
Remi Bizouard (FRA, FIM Freestyle MX World Champion 2008)
Jose Miralles (ESP, #2 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2009)
Brody Wilson (USA, #3 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2009)
Libor Podmol (CZE, Vice World Champion 2006, 2007, 2008)
Brice Izzo (FRA, #5 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2009)
Massimo Bianconcini (ITA, #6 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2009)
Fabian Bauersachs (GER, #4 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2008)
Freddy Peters (GER, German POLO FMX Champion 2009)
Hannes Ackermann (GER, German FMX Champion 2007 + 2008)
Steve Mini (AUS, #11 FIM Freestyle MX World Championships 2009)
Greg Hartman (USA, Dubai X Games Gewinner 2007)
Jack Rowe (USA)
Alistar Sayer (BOT)

NIGHT of the JUMPs
Lanxess Arena Cologne (Germany)
24th October 2009