Ryan Hughes Motocross Academy Dates

Ryan Hughes Motocross Academy Dates: Saturday Oct. 17th & Nov. 14th

Cost:  $150 per day

Ryan is hosting two MX Schools, one Saturday, October 17th and another Saturday, November 14 at Rynoland for only $150.  For more information and to enroll, people can visit our website at www.ryanhughesmx.com.  There is also info on the www.rynoland.com site.  He will be teaching his unique, modern approach to riding motorcycles that will include energy-saving-tips, improving technique and speed through corners, starts and much more.  

For more information on Rynoland, LLC, Ryan's schools and the new Ryno Organics, make sure to visit www.ryanhughesmx.com for all school dates, www.rynoland.com for all track information and www.rynoorganics.com for all his nutritional and organic needs.

About Ryan Hughes:

Ryan Hughes has been involved in the sport of motocross for over 23 years.  A California native, Ryan is experienced in many different types of racing and was a title contender and top ten finisher in both the FIM and AMA circuits.  He has an indisputable reputation as being a hard worker, always giving 110% to his daily regime and to his racing career.  Ryan lives and breathes motocross and fitness.  Now that Ryan has retired from the racing circuits, he is turning the tables to give back the knowledge he has attained over the past two decades.   Ryan's serious passion for training and his gift for teaching has lead him to become a trainer for athletes, while staying involved in the sport he is so passionate about.  He has studied extensively and is currently working to receive his certification as a C.H.E.K. Practioner.