Lusk and #11 Ready for U.S. Open

Irvine, CA - Team Entity Motorsports - MB1/TokyoMods  - DeCal works - announced today that Ezra Lusk is 100% ready for the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open this weekend and that the good people at the AMA have graciously decided he can run his lucky number 11 for the race.

Ezra has been training like a mad man, he's cycling 9.5 miles a day, training in the gym, running, and practicing on the bike for at least 4-6 hrs a day. His endurance is phenomenal and he is in the best shape of his life. He has really taken to heart all of the response from fans regarding his return to racing. "It’s amazing" said Lusk," I have always been amazed and inspired by the fans, but I never expected this coming back, It’s like I have more fans now than I ever, and I am very thankful for that"

With only a couple of days left before the race, Ezra is still the wild card of the event, no one really knows except him how fast he is, and at this point it’s really only himself he's competing against when he gets on that start line everything else will fade away and it will be just him and the machine. "We feel he's ready, he feels he's ready, now it’s go time" says Chad Ottenbreit of Entity Motorsports.

"Ezra has been laying down some really fast lap times and we have the bike completely dialed in", Says Ron Wood of Tokyo Mods. I can’t tell you exactly what we've done to the bike but I will say it’s fast and Ezra is faster on it."

"Ron can make it go fast but Ezra's got to be able to ride it and Factory Showa Suspension is ready for anything;  Showa really hooked us up for the open", according to MB1’s Mike Batista.

So many people and companies have come together to support Ezra's return, that it seems like destiny is shining once again on Ezra as he packs up his gear and heads to Las Vegas, " I feel good, I feel fast, and I want to show all the folks who have helped me get back and especially the fans I am here and I am ready to race!" said Lusk Tuesday from his Georgia home.

"I’d have to say he's faster than he's ever been" Says Jamie Allen of Relentless Media. "It’s not often in life that someone gets a second chance, If anyone can do this its Ezra. He has more determination than anyone I know and if he wants it bad enough, which I think he does, I don't see why he can’t get inside the top 5 or even knock on wood, a podium." Allen added.

"Where we go from here is completely up to Ezra now, as a team we have built him a fast bike, dialed in the suspension, and got him to the race at the MGM. We've done our part, now show time for EZRA. If all goes well this race will be just the beginning of a new career, next it’s on to supercross and maybe outdoors depending on commitment from sponsors" said Chad Ottenbreit . 

We'd like to thank all the people and companies that have made Ezra's return to the sport and especially the US OPEN happen - Special thanks to: Entity Motorsports Inc., Relentless Media, MB1 / Showa, DeCal Works, Suzuki, Hinson, WPS, QTM, Dunlop,Twin Air, Fox, Ride for AT, Mountain Motorsports, CP Pistons, Works Connection, Hard Rock, Monster, Alpinestars, SDG Seats, UFO plastics, Renthal grips and sprockets, RK chains, Seattle Tool, FMF, Lucas Oil and of course the AMA for that number 11!

We will see you all at the OPEN!