Warthog Racing Academy Continues Support of ProMotoFan.com

October 7, 2009 9:45am

The Warthog Racing Academy is pleased to continue its support of www.ProMotoFan.com and the Official Fantasy Racing League of professional Motocross and Supercross in the United States.

“This is a most unique and easy way for fans to support privateers and our sport while having a lot of fun bench racing and winning cash and prizes”, said Scott Kandel, Chief Altruistic Officer of the Warthog Racing Academy.

“In today’s economy, it’s no secret that sponsorships are harder to come by, so you can only imagine what a challenge it is for privateers and a team like ours, whose goal is to support so many of these kids.  Every little bit helps and we are excited to continue to work with ProMotoFan.com, who has from the beginning totally promoted our cause.  It is a cool way to get involved and make a difference to our great sport while at the same time, the game allows the fans to compete for their own championships and bragging rights”, concluded the always energized and optimistic Boss Warthog.

True to their mission of supporting privateers, ProMotoFan.com  will donate $500.00 to the highest placing privateer from the Warthog Racing Academy who makes the main event from either night of the U.S. Open in Las Vegas!

Fans around the world can help by simply playing the Official Fantasy Supercross League for the U.S. Open on October 9th and 10th, and for less than the cost of a cheap t-shirt, fans will also have a chance to win $500.00 of cold hard cash!

“We are stoked to work with the Warthog Racing Academy and welcome the opportunity to help privateers any chance we can” stated #1 ProMotoFan, Jeff Hopkins. “However, this is very much an effort by what we consider to be the largest team in the world, and that’s the FANS!  At the end of the day, my partner Bryan Heifner and I must ultimately rely on the fans playing the game to make this all work.  So I guess one could say we are privateers as well, just not on the track.  We love benching racing and the privateers so much we are building everything around them!”

This is the perfect opportunity for fans to try the game and practice their skills in preparation of the Official Fantasy Supercross League for the 2010 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Championship starting in January!  We hope fans will agree by showing their support and registering for the ProMotoFan.com U.S. Open Fantasy Series and a chance to win $500.00 and help a privateer at the same time!

Get in the Race! Register for a Series at www.ProMotoFan.com NOW!

Riding for The Warthog Racing Academy at the US Open will be long-time Team Captain Heath Voss, Tyler Bowers, Jesse Casillas, Jake Marsack, Ben Evans, Teddy Parks, and Preston Mull.

Warthog Racing Academy was recently named 2009 Team of The Year by MX Sports for the 2009 Lucas Oil/AMA Pro National Motocross Championship Series.  Of course, this would not have been possible without the generous support by our sponsors for whom we would like to thank individually and on behalf of all the privateers who benefited from their generosity:

The Zoo Ministries, MX Sports, MotoConcepts, Mike Genova, Pete Nauditt, DeCal Works, Smooth Industries, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), Gear Racewear, RacerX Illustrated, Trick Stix, Dr. Dave Samani, MDK Motorsports, CC Rider Racing, Transworld Motocross, Vanquish MX, DT1, MXResultz.com, PlanetMoore.com Photography, Devol Engineering, Jardine Exhaust, AXO, Utopia Optics, O’Neal Images, K&N, Liquid Performance, LongShot Racing, CP Pistons, Ti-Fuels, VP Fuel, Dunlop, The Plumber Inc., MB2 Raceway, Feld Motorsports, MotionPro, Dana K Business Parks, Atlantic Promotions, NXT Agency, Relentless Media, MotoTees, Dirt Rider Magazine, Motocross Action, MartialMoto, Honolulu Hills Raceway, L&M Racing, Fire and Police MX, ProMotoFan.com and everyone that has ever supported a privateer.

The Warthog Racing Academy can be supported with your tax-deductible contributions through the Zoo World Ministries by clicking on the following link: https://www.causes.com/fb/donations/new?cause_id=241646&fundraiser_id=50472274&m=d1da8f61 No Facebook account required!!


About Warthog Racing:

Warthog Racing (WR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross.  WR is comprised of two distinct entities: the not for profit Warthog Racing Academy, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed at directly supporting privateers; and Warthog Enterprises (WE), which focuses on merchandise and entertainment products.  Visit Warthog Racing at www.WarthogRacing.com