KTM MX of Nations Race Recap and 2010 MX Announcement

Team USA came and conquered the prestigious Motocross of Nations event taking home its fifth consecutive victory in what is considered to be the blue ribbon event on the racing calendar.

The event, often called the Olympics of Motocross was held in Italy for the first time since 1986 and included good performances by members of the Red Bull/KTM Factory European racing teams who all made valuable contributions to their national teams.

In the forefront of the orange family of riders was Marvin Musquin, the newly crowned MX2 World Champion, racing aboard Team France. Musquin finished 2nd behind the Americans. KTM Factory Junior Racing Team rider Joel Roelants placed 3rd as a member of Team Belgium. Factory KTM star Max Nagl, who finished 2nd in the MX1 World Championship, helped Germany finish 4th, tying points with Team Britain where KTM’s Tommy Searle and Shaun Simpson were key members.

Spaniard Jonathan Barragan performed well despite recently returning from an injury while Rui Goncalves raced on behalf of Team Portugal. All KTM riders represented their teams as true competitive professionals and were proud to be a part of this event. The following are quotes from KTM Factory riders after the race:

Marvin Musquin (MX2 for Team France):I had good speed and results, but am disappointed in where we finished as we had great qualifying times. Unfortunately, Gautier (Paulin) crashed in the third heat so we lost our chance to take the title. It’s not easy as an MX2 rider to fight with the MX1 in the same race because they are faster than we are, but of course I tried my best.”

Joel Roelants (MX2 for Team Belgium): “I was riding well and had great speed, but I crashed in the second moto and lost points. We had hoped to win the title, and although it was good to be on the podium, my father taught me never to be satisfied with third place.”

Shaun Simpson (Open Class for Team Great Britain). “I was a bit disappointed with how things turned out today because I was 4th yesterday in qualifying, but had some stomach problems today and I wasn’t able to give my best. I like the 450 very much, but now I have to go back to the 250 to prepare for next season.”

Tommy Searle (MX2 Team Great Britain). “I went well in the first race but in the second I hit a hay bale and lost my rhythm. I fought back and was able to turn my fastest lap time on the final lap. Today I made some mistakes, but this is the Motocross of Nations and we all know anything can happen in this competition.”

Max Nagl (Open Class Germany): “This was a very difficult track. Normally I never crash on a race weekend but this weekend I crashed five times. Nevertheless I am very happy about the result for Germany because we didn’t expect such a result”. 

The tradition-rich event captured all the thrills and excitement that stamps the sport of Motocross, attracting more than 25,000 fans to Italy’s Autodromo di Franciacorta just south of Brescia. Thirty-seven national teams comprising 111 riders hit the purpose-built,1680-meter hard pack track for the 63rd edition of the annual competition, racing on a surface that was rough, technically demanding and deceptively tricky with deep sand sections.

Following a tightly fought round of qualifying on Saturday, 19 national teams advanced to Sunday’s three-race format that pitted MX2 against MX1, MX2 against Open and finally MX1 against Open categories. Each national team fields three riders. Points were awarded according to individual ranking in each race with the winner accruing just one point. The six individual results are collated, teams may discard the worst result and the team with the least number of points is the winner. The result was wide open until the start of the final race with France leading Belgium, USA and Britain, but carnage in the opening stages reshuffled the cards when a number of top riders were knocked out of contention. Italy had looked set for a good result and fans were disappointed when MX1 World champion Antonio Cairoli became a victim of the pile-up. Cairoli had won the opening race but DNFs by him and his teammate Davide Guarneri spoiled the host country’s chances.

KTM underlines the extreme importance of the Motocross of Nations. This season has been the most successful for the Austrian sports motorcycle specialist and it’s Red Bull/KTM Factory Racing Team under the leadership of Motocross legend and 10-time World Champion Stefan Everts. In MX2, Musquin and Goncalves delivered a hard fought battle for the MX2 title right up to the thrilling final round in Brazil. Steffi Laier of Germany was crowned Women’s World Champion while MX1 rider Max Nagl finished second behind Cairoli in the fight for the title. The Italian, Cairoli, is joining the Red Bull/KTM Factory team for the 2010 season to race alongside Nagl, setting up a mouth watering competition next year. The success of the Red Bull/KTM Factory team was possible from the hard work and large contribution of each team member. KTM, the company that is always “Ready to Race” warmly thanks riders, team management, all team support staff and its sponsors for making 2009 one of the company’s most memorable years.

Results Race One MX1 & MX2
1. Toni Cairoli, Italy, Yamaha, 34:38.859
2. Chad Reed, Australia, Suzuki, 34:40.441
3. Ryan Dungey, USA, Suzuki, 35:07.546
4. Clement Desalle, Belgium, Honda, 35:23.329
5. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM, 35:35.327

Other KTM Results:
7. Tommy Searle, Britain, KTM 35:37.979
12. Jonathan Barragan, Spain, KTM, 36:08.880
15. Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM, 36:18.843
19. Rui Goncalves, Portugal, KTM, 36:37.357
23. Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, KTM, 34:56.211

Results Race Two MX2 & Open
1. Gautier Paulin, france, Kawasaki, 34:57.775
2. David Philippaerts, Italy, Yamaha, 35:00.870
3. Ivan Tedesco, USA, Honda, 35:01.688
4. Tanel Leok, Estonia, Yamaha, 35:35.17
5. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM, 35:38.158

Other KTM Results:
6. Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 35:43.116
11. Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM 36:12.295
13. Shaun Simpson, Britain, KTM, 36:31.170
14. Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, KTM, 36:32.553
17, Tommy Searle, Britain, KTM 36:37.499
18. Harri Kullas, Finland, KTM, 36:43.804
20. Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM, 36:48.808
24. Rui Goncalves, Portugal, KTM, 36:53.210

Results race three MX1 and Open
1. Ryan Dungey, USA, Suzuki, 34:50.404
2. Steve Ramon, Belgium, Suzuki, 35:01.972
3. David Philippaerts, Italy, Yamaha, 35:09.529
4. Jonathan Barragan, Spain, KTM 35:15.486
5. Steven Frossard, France, Kawasaki, 35:22.884

Other KTM Results:
8. Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 35:44.998
10. Shaun Simpson, Britain, KTM 36:04.184

Final National Standings (teams ranked according to the lowest points score)
1. USA. 22 points (Ryan Dungey, Ivan Tedesco, Jake Weimer)
2. France 30 points   (Gautier Paulin, Steven Frossard, Marvin Musquin (KTM))
3. Belgium 39 points (Steve Ramon, Clement Desalle, Joel Roelants (KTM))
4. Germany, 55 points (Max Nagl (KTM), Ken Roczen, Daniel Siegl)
5.  Britain, 55 points (Tommy Searle (KTM), Billy Mackenzie, Shaun Simpson (KTM))


KTM Announces 2010 US Motocross Factory Team

KTM Motorsports is proud to announce the company will run an official Factory Motocross Team in the USA which will be directly linked to the Austrian headquarters in Mattighofen.

The team will receive corporate sponsorship from returning sponsor, Jägermeister. Team operations will be handled by KTM Off-Road Racing Director Pit Beirer and managed in the US by Team Manager Casey Lytle.  

The new factory team will contest the 2010 outdoor motocross series with two team riders. Great Britain’s Tommy Searle will compete in the Motocross Lites class while well-known American rider, Mike Alessi will race the Motocross class. With this move, KTM confirms 100% commitment to the American motocross market and US racing scene.

Currently, KTM Racing’s Research and Development Team is continuing preparations for a more successful motocross future based on further developments with the extremely competitive four-stroke racing machines. Through the start of the 2010 motocross series the R&D technicians will focus their effort on the company’s latest 250cc and 450cc models. Major activities will revolve around ongoing tests with existing bikes and other prototypes to ensure the Austrian manufacturer, known as the fastest and most innovative off-road brand, will continue to configure leading “Ready to Race” motocross machines.