FMX World Championship Continues

Upcoming Saturday the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships starts with the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riga in it’s 2nd half of the season. A spectacular fight will approach, as the riders haven’t been on the IFMXF track for the last 4 months during the summer break. After seven rounds French rider Remi Bizouard leads the ranking with 123 points. Spain’s Jose Miralles follows 13 points behind. And with 108 or 107 scores US-Boy Brody Wilson and Vice World Champion Libor Podmol still have their chances of the title. Especially Podmol improved his strength at the last contests by premiering 1-Hand Nac Underflip and Stripperflip on the IFMXF track. We can be curious of what kind of new tricks the FMX athletes have invented over the summer months and will show in Riga.

Unfortunately Steve Mini crashed at a show in Melbourne/Australia and will not come back till Ostrava. Therefore André Villa from Norway returns to the IFMXF track. For his comeback at the IFMXF Villa surely will nail amazing tricks on the dirt. Luckily Massimo Bianconcini is back on the track after his horror crash at the Race and Style in Mannheim. And with Alexey Kolesnikof we will see a Russian FMX rider debuting at the NIGHT of the JUMPs.

And also from German rider Freddy Peters we can expect a new level of his freestyle. The FMX pro from Berlin just won the German FMX Championships and should be highly motivated to raise his account in the World Championship ranking. With current 45 points he is holding the 9th place overall.

The complete field of riders at the 7th contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships consists:
Remi Bizouard (FRA)
Jose Miralles Garcia (ESP)
Brody Wilson (USA)
Libor Podmol (CZE)
Brice Izzo (FRA)
Fabian Bauersachs (GER)
Massimo Bianconcini (ITA)
Freddy Peters (GER)
Hannes Ackermann (GER)
André Villa (NOR)
Alexey Kolesnikof (RUS)

After Riga the fight for points of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships will go on in Ostrava on November 6th and 7th. Round 11 takes place in Zagreb on November 14th. And the NIGHT of the JUMPs season finals will happen on November 21st in Windhoek/Namibia and December 5th in Fortalesa/Brazil.

NIGHT of the JUMPs – FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Round 8
Arena Riga (Latvia)
10th October 2009

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships
Riders Ranking (after 7th contest)
1. Remi Bizouard           FRA    FFM              Yamaha         123 points
2. Jose Miralles              ESP     RFME            KTM              110 points
3. Brody Wilson             USA    AMA             Honda           108 points
4. Libor Podmol             CZE    ACCR            Suzuki           107 points
5. Brice Izzo                 FRA    FFM              Yamaha           94 points
6. Fabian Bauersachs     GER    DMSB           KTM                64 points
7. Massimo Bianconcini   ITAL    ACCR            KTM                64 points
8. Fredrik Johansson      SWE    SVEMO          Suzuki             50 points
9. Freddy Peters            GER    DMSB           Suzuki             45 points
10. Hannes Ackermann   GER    DMSB           KTM                41 points
11. Steve Mini               AUS    MA               Yamaha           30 points
12. Gilles Dejong           BEL     DMSB           KTM                24 points
13. Martin Schenk          AUT    OSK              Yamaha           12 points
14. Vivian Gantner         SUI     FMS              Suzuki             11 points
15. Wlliam v. d. Putte     BEL     FMS              Suzuki               8 points

 NIGHT of the JUMPs 2009 / FIM Freestyle MX World Championships
10.10.2009     Riga/LAT                           Round 8
06.11.2009     Ostrava/CZE                      Round 9
07.11.2009     Ostrava/CZE                      Round 10
14.11.2009     Zagreb/CRO                      Round 11
21.11.2009     Windhoek/NAM                  Round 12
05.12.2009     Fortalesa/BRA          Round 13

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