Bobbitt Wins National Enduro Championship

Mathews, IN – Shock Doctor/KTM rider Russell Bobbitt took home his third National Enduro Championship title at the tenth and final round of the series against his toughest competitor and teammate, 8-time champion Mike Lafferty.

Both Shock Doctor/KTM riders rode a strong race in the final battle for the championship. Bobbitt had a great start winning the first special test. The weather was cold but the racing was hot as Lafferty took the win at the second test and the race tightened. Lafferty continued to lead as they went on to the third, fourth and fifth test. “I knew I had to win the race to have any chance of winning the championship,” commented Lafferty. Bobbitt came back and took the win on the sixth test finishing just 25 seconds behind Lafferty for the overall.

“I won the race, which is what I needed to do, but the championship definitely went to the rider who performed consistently better this season and that is my teammate Russ,” stated Lafferty after the race.

“It was a nerve-racking day, but so is every race against Mike. It feels really good to win my third title,” remarked the newly crowned champion, Bobbitt. “I worked really hard this season and couldn’t be happier to win this championship. A championship is always the best way to end the season and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my Shock Doctor/KTM team.”

Bobbitt will leave for Portugal Monday morning heading to the ISDE where he will compete as a member of the USA Junior Trophy Team.

Overall Results –

  1. Mike Lafferty – KTM
  2. Russell Bobbitt – KTM *Champion
  3. Nick Fahringer – Husaberg

Overall Points –

  1. Russell Bobbitt – 267
  2. Mike Lafferty – 266
  3. Brad Bakken – 175