DMXS Radio Tonight

September 30, 2009 4:17pm
Well, DMXS Radio survived the epic floods in Atlanta last week that easily surpassed the 100-year-flood levels on record. We checked with Barry Higgins for his recollection of the last time the river levels were that high in 1906 and he remembered this year was much, much worse. Thanks to all the well-wishes from our friends, families, and listeners throughout the country.
Grant Langston
is finally back on the bike after his knee injury and is trying to finalize a deal that would have the popular Zulu Warrior back on the gate for supercross. Of course, the economy is playing havoc with our sport and rides and sponsors are hard to come by even for a rider of his talent. We will catch up with GL to find out the latest on his team’s progress.
Another rider that fans are anxiously waiting for an official press release on is Geico Powersports Honda’s Trey Canard. The adorable Oklahoman has been mentioned for a few teams, but we will hear directly from Trey tonight on his 2010 plans and we don’t think the fender plastic is changing colors quite yet.
"Bad" Brad Lackey
was certainly one of the pioneering motocross riders in America. His early career spanned a time in which Americans were still trying to gain ground on the Europeans in a sport that was relatively new to this side of the pond. Lackey would go on to be the first American to win the 500cc World MX Championship and be immortalized by the fans for this benchmark achievement. Brad has also been a great ambassador off the track for our sport as evidenced by his latest effort to help an injured old friend and legend in own right, Danny Magoo Chandler. Brad is spearheading a fundraising campaign to build and purchase a custom, modified van for Magoo. Brad will give us the latest tonight, but please visit see the video put together by Brad and some of Danny’s friends. I know times are tough for everyone, but please help spread the word and give what you can.
Muscle Milk KTM’s Justin Brayton had a productive season in 2009 with a fourth overall in the Lites supercross, seventh overall in the 450's including an impressive final moto win at Steel City, and a silver medal at X-Games The quiet but likeable rider goes about his business and lets his results do the talking for him. Well, except for tonight.....we hope he will do the actual talking himself.
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