Kamo Earns 3rd at Wendover Hare and Hound

Wendover, NV – Shock Doctor/KTM rider David Kamo earned 3rd overall at the sixth round of the Hare & Hound Series.

Kamo started his bike the first kick and got a great start down the bomb run. He went over the first hill in 3rd and was able to maintain that position throughout the race. Kamo stayed close to the front two runners, KTM rider Russ Pearson and Kawasaki rider Destry Abbott. “I followed closely behind Destry for a while but the dust was so thick I had to back off,” remarked Kamo.

Once the dust settled and Kamo had a clear path in front of him, he accidentally made a few wrong turns that in one case led a mile up a hill in the wrong direction. “There were quite a few areas where the trail was not marked so well and I ended up getting turned around in the wrong direction about three times throughout the day,” stated Kamo.

Luckily, Kamo was able to make up the time he lost and finished on the podium in 3rd position. With six rounds down, Kamo still holds the overall championship points lead.

Kamo’s teammate, David Pearson, had a rough day after an early crash caused him to not finish the race. Pearson plans to return for the next event.

Next Round: Jericho, UT – October 3, 2009

Overall Results:

  1. Russ Pearson – KTM
  2. Destry Abbott
  3. David Kamo – KTM
  4. Robert Underwood – KTM
  5. Morgan Crawford – KTM