Dragon Race Fuels at Branson

Dragon Racing Fuels will be attending the 15th annual motocross national again this year. Branson has always been a fun event to attend and they look forward to providing all the racers with the fuel to lead them to the front of the pack.  Mark Ticen, Dragon Racing Fuels Rep., stated " We are going to continue to provide the best race fuel on the market to all levels of racing. We have fueled racers to many National titles and podium finishes with the likes of Alexander Frye, Brandon Mays, Joey Savatgy, all of Honda of Houston riders, Ryan Hughes, Dokota  Alix "holeshot", Champion Cycles KTM Team and so many other riders at the amateur national level. We also work closely with with some riders at the Pro level such as Moto Concepts Team and team manager Steve Lamson. We are also working with Al Albiker and some pro level support. Tevin Tapia, Mike Picone, Drew Yenerich and Steve Squire are a few rookie Pro riders that have found Dragon Race Fuel to be the fuel of choice for there bikes. I also enjoy working with the grass roots racer at a local level. They are what the motocross and supercross industry is built from. These racers have a passion for the sport, as much as the national racers. They just have not fine tuned the riding skills yet to make the move to a national event. They put everything they have into racing at a grass roots level and deserve the same fuel that the pros and amateur national riders depend on. We look forward to a huge 2010 season and a great ending to the 2009 season. To make sure we have the fuel you need for Branson, contact me at support@dragonracingfuels.com  and I will make sure it will be put on the trackside trailer. We will also be accepting resumes for the 2010 season at branson. Please stop by and introduce yourself and I look forward to meeting every racer." Dragon Racing Fuels will be providing the same great trackside service racers have come to know at the nationals. Contact Dragon Race Fuels for your race fuel needs and make sure you have your fuel for the Branson National.