The Discovery Channel to Feature The Action Sports Medicine Foundation

The Action Sports Medicine Foundation will be featured on The Profile Series on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 7:00 am Eastern and Pacific Time.

The Profiles Series is an award winning television series dedicated to showcasing the most important issues of the day. They showcase everything from the latest business and technology stories to the revolutionary medical and health issues. They also profile the new and exciting environmental solutions to current educational breakthroughs. In addition, they profile important CEOs and leading corporations creating tremendous positive impact on the world today.

The Action Sports Medicine Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality and availability of on site sports medicine care to athletes participating in action sports. The foundation was formed in 2003, and is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Steve Augustine, Orthopedic Surgeon with the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, founded it. Our desire is to become a quality resource for athletes who are looking to receive sports medicine services, and for the various health care workers who are looking to help provide these services. The primary sports that we serve are motocross, BMX, skateboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. Within this population, we will focus on the amateur athlete as well as the pro athletes. Our goal is to enhance the level of on site sports medical care at the grass roots level. In so doing, we can develop a healthier and better conditioned group of athletes, thus enabling them to maximize their capabilities in their chosen sports. Secondarily, we feel confident that we can raise the level of understanding of these sports within the medical community through research and education, thus enabling other health care practitioners to better deal with the needs of this unique group of athletes. We promote safety through the promotion of innovative products such as the Leatt brace and the Shock Doctor Eject system and mouth guards. The foundations team members cover numerous action sports events nationally and locally throughout the year including the Amateur National Motocross Series, the Alli Sports Dew Tour, the AMA Professional Motocross and Supercross Series and most recently the Alli Sports King of Wake Tour.

Please take the time to tune in for this unique presentation on the Action Sports Medicine Foundation.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our cause.

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