Dungey and Wey Interviews at PulpMX

Twenty-year old Ryan Dungey from Belle Plaine, Minnesota was certainly never a child motocross prodigy. Dungey was picked from the “B” class and put straight into the factory Suzuki truck, which raised many eyebrows. Past Suzuki youngsters like Shane Bess, Ben Riddle and Brian Grey had all been put into the truck and then proved that they weren’t ready for the big time, but Suzuki nailed it this time around.


Nick Wey is a guy who is quietly behind the scenes working hard and placing just outside the top five most times. He's been on three different brands in the last three years and is looking for a ride for 2010. I think he'll end up right back on his same team that he was on, but I guess we'll see. I really didn't edit this interview with him at all. I decided to just give it to you raw.