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SCOTT USA Launches New Website

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MX Race Report: Steel City

450 Class

Hahn on his way to his first Outdoor National win.  Photo courtesy

With the Championship wrapped up and Scott athlete and champion Chad Reed coming off a crash at Southwick, the question of the day was will we see yet another 450 winner or will Reed come back to dominate?  In Moto 1, Jeff Alessi took the holeshot and was followed by SCOTT rider Andrew Short and teammate Ivan Tedesco.  SCOTT apparel and goggle athlete, Tommy Hahn, started a charge and played a wicked game of give and take with Short and Tedesco.  Reed was stuck in the pack and pulled from 8th place to a 2nd place finish.  Hahn stayed on the gas and reeled in Tedesco and Short and took home his first moto win of the season. 

In Moto 2, Reed grabbed the holeshot for a minute until Justin Brayton pulled passed and never looked back.  Kawasaki replacement rider Jake Moss rode out of his mind to take home 2nd while Hahn and Tedesco went back and forth.  Tedesco took home the 3 spot with Hahn in fourth, which was enough to secure him his first overall 450 victory.

Your Steel City 450 Champion Tommy HahnPhoto courtesy

450cc O/A:
1. Tommy Hahn (Kaw/SCOTT)

2. Ivan Tedesco
3. Justin Brayton
4. Jake Moss
5. Andrew Short (Hon/SCOTT)
6. Michael Byrne
7. Davi Milsaps
8. Tim Ferry (Kaw/SCOTT)
9. Matt Georke
10. Chad Reed (Suz/SCOTT)

450 Championship

The 2009 450 Outdoor Season has come to a close.  SCOTT is proud to congratulate winner Chad Reed along with 2nd place finisher Andrew Short and 5th place finisher Tommy Hahn.  That's right 3 out of the top 5 450 riders ride SCOTT.

Championship Points

1. Chad Reed (Suz/SCOTT)

2. Andrew Short (Hon/SCOTT)
3. Ivan Tedesco
4. Michael Byrne
5. Tommy Hahn (Kaw/SCOTT)

250 Class

Pourcel shredding to another 1-1 day.  Photo courtesy

The championship battle was still on the line between SCOTT rider Christophe Pourcel and Ryan Dungey.  Due to a mechanical issue at Southwick, the championship was Dungey's to lose.  Justin Barcia grabbed the holeshot with Dungey and Pourcel right behind him.  Pourcel and Dungey entered into a dog fight with Dungey continually pressuring Porcel.  Pourcel did not falter and rode smoothly to victory.  SCOTT riders Jake Weimer and Austin Stroupe rode solid to finish 4th and 5th.

Blake Baggett skying to a 4th place Moto 2 finish in his 3rd national.  Photo courtesy

In Moto 2, Pourcel dominated from the gate, winning the holeshot and never looking back.  Dungey had a tough start but worked his way through riders on his way to a 2nd place finish and the championship.  A big surprise in Moto 2 was SCOTT rider Blake Bagget, who in his 3rd outdoor race rode to a solid 4th place finish.  Weimer and Stroupe rode strong again to fnish 8th and 10th respectively. 

250cc O/A
1. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw/SCOTT)
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Blake Wharton
4. Ryan Sipes
5. Jake Weimer (Kaw/SCOTT)
6. Justin Barcia 3-13
7. Austin Stroupe (Kaw/SCOTT)
8. Brett Metcalfe
9. Tommy Searle
10. Blake Baggett (Kaw/SCOTT)

250 Championship

Pourcel rode strong all season and barring his mechanical at Southwick, he would have won the championship.  It is a long season and Dungey's consistency led him to victory.  Other notable SCOTT riders were Jake Weimer who finished one off the podium in 4th and Tyla Rattray who missed a number of races due to injuries and still finished in the top 10.  Keep your eyes on Weimer in Motocross Des Nations in October.

Championship Points
1. Ryan Dungey
2. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw/Scott)
3. Brett Metcalfe
4. Jake Weimer (Kaw/SCOTT)
5. Justin Barcia
6. Tommy Searle
7. Broc Tickle
8. Blake Wharton
9. Tyla Rattray (Kaw/SCOTT)
10. Matt Lemoine