Proximus Superbiker Coming in October

The 23rd Proximus Superbiker will take place on the famous Jules Mettet Tacheny circuit these next 9th, 10th and 11th October.

This popular race emerged in 1987 and still today, it continues to grow for the greatest joy spectators but also for the internationally famous riders.

Caeser said before us: from all the peoples the Belgians are the bravest … So, what is the secret of the magic potion of Mettet to attract as many riders to that impressive record?

These years again and for the first time in the world, the organizers have succeeded to launch a genuine super moto World Cup that no one would ever imagine. The world top super moto against the world top motocross and speed combined. The best riders on earth from the USA, Australia and Europe all disciplines confused will fight in front of your eyes on the Proximus Superbiker of Mettet. The final may be the most disputed of all the editions we have know till today.

Who are those planetary forces?

On one hand, the Supermoto world and American champions: Sylvain BIDART (F) champion SM USA, Mark BURKHARD (USA) winner of the Xgames and champion SM USA, Ben CARLSON (USA) champion SM USA, Boris CHAMBON (F) world champion SM, Adrien CHAREYRE (F) 2 x world champion SM, Thomas CHAREYRE (F) leader of the SM championship 2009, Gerald DELEPINE (B) SM, Eddy SEEL (B) SM and with Eric DELANNOY (B), Thierry GODEFROID (B) and Jurgen KUNZEL

(D) all 3 of them winner of the SUPERBIKER of Mettet... Not to forget the Americans Brandon CURRIE, Chris FILLMORE and David PINGREE who will arbitrate the debate with the Fin Mauno HERMUNEN.

On the other hand, the big guys of the world motocross and speed, with Darryl ATKINS (NZ) SX and MX Champion,5 x AMA Supermoto event winner, Andrea BARTOLINI (I) world champion MX, Frederic BOLLEY (F) world champion MX, Sven BREUGELMANS (B) world champion MX, Stéphane CHAMBON (F) world champion SUPERSPORT, 10 x winner of the SUPERBIKER and STARBIKER, Troy CORSER (AUS) 2 x World Superbike, Micky DYMOND (USA) 2 x champion USA MX, Stefan EVERTS (B) 10 x world champion of the MX, Fabien Foret (F) the world champion Supersport, Didier JADOUL (B) champion of Belgium on the road, Sebastien LE GRELLE (B) champion of Europe on the road, Stefan NEBEL (D) champion Superbike Germany, Mickael PICHON (F) world champion and champion USA MX, Didier VAN KEYMEULEN (B) world champion Superstock, Jeff WARD (USA) 7 x champion USA MX and winner of the XGames, Joshua COPPINS (NZ) and Cedric MELOTTE (B) come to support them because each series will meet face them all...

We say no more, the rest will be decided on the track between them but also just side of us because in Mettet, the spectator is nearby the riders as well in the paddocks, with free entry, as near the track…

And that’s not all … the Proximus Superbiker would not be possible without the show, or should we says “the shows”…

Sunday at noon, Radio Contact will be there and a bit later the world champion stunt Christian Pfeiffer will give you an astonishing stunt demonstration.

In the afternoon, between the races, Red Bull will be there with a giant freestyle program with the world champion in this discipline, the one and only Swiss Matt REBEAUD and the American Robbie MADDISON the one and only who drives up and down the skyscrapers of Las Vegas on … a motorbike! He and the other dare-alls will give you an amazing show, worthy of the Proximus Superbiker of Mettet.

As each your other surprises will pop up … and you can attend a second show of Christian Pfeiffer on one or two wheels or maybe none, you never know with him! A show to watch, certainly not to copy …

After the traditional podiums, at about 6.30 pm, Radio Contact presents the concert of Canon Ball who will perform the best songs of Super Tramp. That’s a program which should make you decide to come with your family to the circuit of Mettet.

Talking about circuit, you will have the possibility to drive on the new one for free… but attention! No complete round because the new track will be your parking during this super event.

Welcome to the 23rd Proximus Superbiker of Mettet! Different information: Full week-end price for 3 DAYS: 40 (free until 14 years) Presale: 30 for 3 days (free until 14 years) Sunday only: 35

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Useful phone numbers : Office of the Club RUMESM: +32 71/71.00.80. Fax office Club RUMESM: +32 71/71.00.81

Race office (from Tuesday 8th Oct at 2 pm): + 32 71/71.00.84 Fax race office (from Friday 9th Oct): +32 71/71.00.86

Address : RUMESM, 6, Rue Saint Donat, B-5640 Mettet Journalists may withdraw their entry at the Welcome Center, Taverne Paradis on the market place of Mettet

Friday 9th Oct from 8am till 6pm, Saturday 10th Oct from 8am till 6pm. Sunday 11th Oct from 8am till 1pm.

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