Shock Doctor/KTM Team Lands on Podium

September 14, 2009 11:50am

New Berlin, NY – For the first time this season, the entire Shock Doctor/KTM Team stood on the podium at the tenth round of the GNCC Series at the Unadilla Valley Sports Center.

Shock Doctor/KTM rider Kailub Russell took the top step of the XC-2 class podium with his teammate Cory Buttrick right next to him in 2nd. Both XC-2 riders had to work for their top positions as they both started outside the top ten. Buttrick had a better start and by the end of the first lap had moved into 2nd while Russell had climbed to 4th on the fast-paced course.

“The weather and track conditions were the best we have seen at this track in 4 years,” commented Shock Doctor/KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen. “There was light ran each day leading up to the race and a slight drizzle on the race day which helped minimize the dust and keep the course in prime shape. It was a fast-paced track, and for once, the weather didn’t play a huge role during the race.”

For six laps of the eight lap main event Buttrick and competitor Jason Thomas battled for the lead. Russell continued to catch the two front runners but made small mistakes that set him back 10-15 seconds each time he came within striking distance. With two laps to go, Russell finally put it together and first made the pass on Jason Thomas. Once in 2nd he began to set his sight on teammate Buttrick. When Buttrick crashed with a lapped rider, Russell made the pass on his teammate and pulled out to a 10 second lead. With only half of a lap to go Russell made a small mistake and Buttrick was right back in the battle. The two KTM riders battled to the finish with Russell just edging out his teammate for the win.

The XC-1 class podium was flanked by Shock Doctor/KTM riders Nate Kanney, in 2nd, and Kurt Caselli placing 3rd. Kanney, the New York native, started his race in 6th position and had moved inside the top three within the first lap. The remainder of the race Kanney battled with Paul Whibley for the lead. “Each lap it was a different leader,” remarked Kanney. “Sometimes I edged out Paul as we came through the pits and then the next lap he would come out in front of me.”

Kanney eventually hung on for a hard fought 2nd place result, a mere 10 seconds back from Whibley. Caselli’s race was just as remarkable as he started in the bottom ten and managed to pick off one rider each lap to move himself onto the podium by the final lap. “This podium has been a long time coming for me,” stated Caselli. “I have struggled early on this season and really focused on turning that around during our break. I made some changes to my own program and we changed some things on the bike that I think really made a difference for me this week.”

Next Race: Round 11 – September 27, 2009 – Yadkinville, NC

XC-2 Class Overall Results –

  1. Paul Whibley (Kaw)
  2. Nate Kanney (KTM)
  3. Kurt Caselli (KTM)
  4. Charlie Mullins (Suz)
  5. Joshua Strang (Suz)
  6. Barry Hawk (Yam)
  7. Jimmy Jarrett (Kaw)
  8. Ben Bouwens (Yam)
  9. Ryan Gainey (Hon)
  10. Adam Reeves (Yam)

XC-2 Class Overall Results –

  1. Kailub Russell (KTM)
  2. Cory Buttrick (KTM)
  3. Jason Thomas (Yam)
  4. Scott Watkins (Kaw)
  5. Jake Korn (KTM)
  6. David Snyder (Yam)
  7. Eric Bailey (Kaw)
  8. Robert Santheson (Kaw)
  9. Brian Lawson (Yam)
  10. Nathan Alering (Kaw)

XC-1 Point Standings –

  1. Paul Whibley – 244
  2. Josh Strang – 217
  3. Charlie Mullins – 215
  4. Jimmy Jarrett – 174
  5. Nate Kanney – 164
  6. Kurt Caselli – 142

XC-2 Point Standings –

  1. Kailub Russell – 277
  2. Cory Buttrick – 218
  3. Jason Thomas – 212
  4. Scott Watkins – 193
  5. Jake Korn – 162