ECRA Pro-Am SX Round 1 Report

Daytona Beach, FL – Round One of the new ECRA Florida Pro-AM SX Series was held last weekend at the Ocean Center Stadium on Daytona Beach, Pro racers - Kevin Johnson, Ricky Renner, and Casey Hinson along with amateur racing star Adam Cianciarulo took home top honors.
Despite the many racing options available over the Labor Day weekend the ECRA Pro-AM Supercross pulled in good first time showing of close to 200 riders and 1500 + spectators. The six-lane supercross-style track was a great new challenge for many amateur racers and played host to some competitive pro racing in the evening.
The daytime program Amateur winners included:
50cc (4-6)         Bryce Costonguay                  COB         Summerfield, Florida
50cc (4-8)          Marc Gonzales                   POL         Land O Lakes, Florida
50cc (7-8)         Marc Gonzales                   POL         Land O Lakes, Florida
65cc (7-9)         Colton Eigenmann                  KTM         Titusville, Florida
65cc (10-11)    Hannah Hodges                  KTM         Deland, Floirda         
Women A         Victoria Pearce                  Yam         New Port Richey, Florida
Women B         Serratia Gonzalez                  
85cc (9-11)         Colton Eigenmann                  KTM         Titusville, Florida
85cc (12-15)    Adam Cianciarulo                  Kaw         Port Orange, Florida
SuperMini         Adam Cianciarulo                  Kaw         Port Orange, Florida
125 Novice         Daua Andreoli                  Hon         Boca Raton, Florida
250 Novice         David Sanderson                  Yam         Ovieda, Florida
Opn Novice         David Sanderson                  Yam         Ovieda, Florida
Vet A                  Daniel Rhodes                  Yam         Curay, South Carolina
Vet B                  Brent Driscoll                  Hon         Sanford, Florida
Vet C                  David Wells                           Hon          Winter Garden, Florida
Senior B         James Nagy                           Suz         Port Orange, Florida
Senior C         Henry Camejo                  Hon         Miami, Florida
Quad A         Jeffrey Rastrelli                  Suz         Palm City, Florida
The amateur class winners were invited to participate in the opening ceremonies of the night show. They were honored in a parade lap. The show also had announcers (Paul Lindsey and John Vedas), special guest (Tyler Evans), and Miss Sea Breeze Gracie Winchester ( who sang the National Anthem), arrive in the stadium in a Ford F650. Top racers were announced in a special, excitement-building presentation and the evening’s racing did not disappoint the fans.
First up were the B class races where Kyle Goerke (Matt Goerke’s brother) won both the 250 and Open while Brandon Westberry won the 125 class. The main event saw X Games Gold Medalist Kevin Johnson took home a win in the 250 Pro Class while Ricky Renner dominated the Open and 125 A classes. Unfortunately, Hart and Huntington’s Matt Boni injured himself in qualifying taking him out of the running for the main event. He and Johnson were the only two racers that could triple-triple the rhythm section.
The Dash for Cash intermission race was one of the most exciting of the evening. Boni didn’t want to let down the fans so he made the brief event. Casey Hinson, being rooted on by a very colorful Tyler Evans (who throughout the night took off his shirt and at another time broke his pit board over his knee), pulled a race-winning block pass move on Boni to grab the cash prize.
Top 5 Results:
250 A
1. Kevin Johnson         Kaw
2. Oscar Diaz                  Hon
3. Joey Rossi                  KTM
4. Derek Hall                  Hon
5. Dave Ginolfi                  Suz
Open A
1. Ricky Renner         Kaw                  
2. Derek Hall                  Hon
3. Oscar Diaz                  Hon
4. Joey Rossi                  KTM
5. Matthew Johnson         Kaw
125 A
1. Ricky Renner         Kaw
2. Kevin Johnson         Kaw
3. Dave Ginolfi                  Suz
4. Casey Hinso                  Kaw                  
5. Taylor McDonald         Hon
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